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TFZ Series 2, 4 & My Love II IEMs

TFZ Series 2, 4 & My Love II IEMs

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Got my Series 4 last week and have been enjoying them thoroughly, substantial bass and sub-bass presence compared to my Sennheiser CX 3.0 and Klipsch X6i, plenty of detail and I enjoy the weight that the metal adds. Loving them!
Received Mine yesterday,

got Series 2, looks great. well made and finished. but sounds bit harsh and not so refined.
static noise appears when its plugged into device like other reviewers mentioning....

i guess it is what it is...

came with carrying pouch and shirt clip.

worth the money for sure!
can you buy these with a wire that includes a mic
could any1 tell me how big the thing is that is connected to the plug (sry i don't know what its called). I want to know if it will work with my phone case.

Hi there,

The diameter of the plug is about 10mm.

Are these better than the Galaxy's?
Can anyone confirm whether or not the Series 2 have two drivers or not? I know it says “dual driver” at the top of the page, but I wanted to be sure.
I ripped mine apart and it was just a single driver(cone). Maybe it's dual neo magnets around the voice coil.
Really excited to get these. Quick question, why is the cable disconnectable? Can I buy a different cable? Mabe one with a Bluetooth adapter in it?
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I've found them as cheap as $7-8 bucks but Amazon is easy.
IEM manufacturers choose to make their cables detachable because the majority of earphone failures occur due to the cable, while the housing, drivers etc are all fine. This might not be such a big issue with cheap earphones, but with nicer models, it is a real shame to have to throw away the whole product simply because of the cable. The other reason is for customization, with different metals yielding different although debatable sound qualities.
After I read all the comments on these IEM, I bought them and waited for them to be shipped. They came yesterday and seems really good for this price, but I hear a strong constant background noise when I use them and it's present on all the three sources I tried (on my laptop with a Nuforce u-DAC3, on my phone with and without a Fiio A1 and on my 3DS XL). I think I will ask massdrop for a refund and send it back but I wanted to know if someone had the same issue.
Same issue. Massdrop was cool enough to refund me straight away.

Cause they're such low impedance, any sound floor or poor shielding is audible.
Loved these. So comfy, brilliant sound, solid construction. My first pair of over-the-ear monitors and the default buds fit perfectly...

5 months later and my right earpiece (Series 2) has become significantly quieter. I've treated them fairly well and they've stood up to my minor abuses. I'm inclined to think it's a burn-in type problem, but why it's happening more to one ear than the other is beyond me. I can balance it out if I'm on a computer but my portable devices don't seem to have the option - and the sound quality is different in each ear after balancing, anyway.

With a 1 year warranty, I contacted support and we'll see if it's worth returning - depending on shipping times and cost I might be better off putting those funds toward a new purchase.
guys i just got my package. the earphones are just amazing. i mean for the price i paid, its mind blowing. crystal clear sound, every beat, drop, instrument can be recognized cleary when listening. its a little light on bass but u can tune that with ur phones equalizer.
Interesting. When did you order yours? My order says that they will not ship until the beginning of April. Thanks!
i ordered mine on jan 17 and they were shipped beginning of Feb and i got them like on 21 feb but they were at my PO Box. So i just picked them up today.
How do the TFZ series 2 compare to the tennmak Pro?
First IEM purchase, will my google pixel be able to power these idk anything about IEMs don't hurt me
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Thank you so much!
Yes, it will power them fine.