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Some thoughts on the Tequila 1:
Overall a pleasant listen. Warm, smooth, and reasonably bassy.


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Is that a good or a bad thing?
From what I understand titanium is a better metal to coat drivers. It's a much harder, more flexible, and more expensive metal.
I have these burning in right now but I'll try to get some impressions on Tuesday when they've had enough hours on and compare them versus the king pro, it01 and brainwavz b400.
From the limited amount I've listened to them, I would say the king pro is the better pair, but I'm waiting to see if things tighten up a bit. They've a wonky enough design that they cause me some fit and comfort issues...
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Try using comply tips with them. I like them a lot more with it :)
I'm using my new bee tips, which are knock off of comply. I have to turn the left driver to an odd angle, insert it, and turn it back. I've figured it out now but it's nowhere near the best fit I've had. In fact I think it's the only IEM I've ever had any sort of trouble with, but as always, YMMV.
I get interrupted frequently at work so it can be a bit of a pain for me.
Are these open, semi-open or closed back? For my application I cannot have any sound bleed. Can anyone who own a set weigh in on the sound bleed of this model?
There's some bleed, the backs are partly open, so it's a little more noticeable than most IEMs that just have the bass Port. Given they are IEMs it's a lot less pronounced than open back headphones, but still present.
Got my set in, very impressed with them thus far. Tiny bit boomy for me, but very solid sound for IEMs.
Any update on the ship date?
I went with it. I was really impressed with my Exclusive 5, but the treble was just too hot for me. From what I'm gathering, it's toned down with these.
Whats worse the misspelling or the fact Massdrop is selling them like this!
Don't think it's a typo, it's a portmanteau (resolution+illusion)
I learned something today. Thank you. :)
Gah, these look so sexy. Not crazy about the colors, but they remind me of older Audeze grilles.
Are these supposed to be planar magnetic or what? And when did they start mass producing graphene?
I have no intention of buying these, but it's odd to me that there seems like a lack of information in the description. Massdrop doesn't acknowledge that these are open/semi-open back? And the description of the sound only says they are clean with an open soundstage? Why is there is a single sentence devoted to sound in a drop for a pair of headphones. Hmm... needs work ¯\(°_o)/¯
Some post on reddit said it is not semi open or open , it's looked like it but it is not maybe ? :))
I actually like the red and blue color scheme because it makes left-right assignment obvious even in the near dark. What I don't like is the typo on the earpieces.
First of all, the text should read "HD Resolution," not "HD Resolusion," which is a misspelling. Second, does TFZ really need to emblazon conspicuous ad copy on the side of each earpiece? All most of us want to see in practical usage is L and R (which TFZ has made unnecessary with the red and blue color scheme).
No amount of fidelity will acclimate me to seeing typos on $109 IEMs every moo-hanking day.
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Yes, but seeing the identifying colors prevents the annoying exercise of having to check which side fits, saving time for the user and allowing them to focus on things other than right or left earpiece shapes.
I find it hard to believe you would assume that anyone hadn't noticed the shapes of right and left earpieces are different. But perhaps the fact that I have very bad vision might suggest to you that not everyone shares your ability to recognize left or right earpiece shapes immediately.
One of the things people don't realize is that you can wear glasses that allow you to have near and distant vision, but once you reach a certain level of visual deterioration, the overall strain can make details harder to pick out. You can look at something that would be obvious to someone else and fail to see it -- not because you're stupid or unobservant, but because levels of detail only become apparent when you sustain your gaze.
Judging from the visual health of the aging population all around us, I'm probably not alone in wanting a color cues to help differentiate between left and right earpieces in a hurry.
I love grotesquely ungrammatical and homonym-filled documentation, road signs, greeting cards, tombstone epitaphs, etc. But misspelled words on an object I interact with hourly every day -- that might push my sensory-challenged wetware past sanity's lip.
Not that it's going to deter me, but has anyone heard any first hand accounts of these ? There are a couple of things that seem strange about them. First, why are they listing harmonic distortion, and .5%, based on what? Second, are these some sort of open back iem? If so they may be less than ideal for my workspace.
The design is a departure from normal tfz, that's for sure.... I was hoping for 100 for the massdrop price too since I already own the king pro. Maybe I should try the thinksound usp1 instead, although the soundstage promise really appeals to me.
Are these open ears?
It looks like they're advertising it as semi-open back. Below is copy/pasted from:
TFZ TEQUILA 1 Drink up the Tequila | Widest Sound Stage | TFZ First Semi-Open In-Ear HeadphoneAnother new work of TFZ “generation 2.5” 12mm Graphene driver! After releasing the KING PRO, which is specialized for professional studio monitoring, TFZ is now formally announcing their FIRST “Semi Open-Back” in-ear headphone -TEQUILA 1- to the market.The team has optimized the implementation of the latest KING PRO’s Graphene driver, and provides an even wider sound stage for TEQUILA 1. It still remains the high resolution and transparency of KING (PRO), but overall sounds warmer and more musical.Compare with KING (PRO) that sounds more neutral and refined, TEQUILA 1 is more solid and punchy. Other than Classical, Jazz or monitoring usage, it is also suitable for Pop, Electronic and Vocal.
Hmmmm. Massdrop lists an 8.9 mm driver versus that post listing 12mm. Even the nozzle is different from previous tfz. If it's the same as the king pro it's the 12mm but it looks smaller. I wonder which is accurate...
Here we go ... gonna hear about buyers remorse for king pro's soon ...
This looks is not my style though.
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Good to hear, I only have the Series 5. I find them hard to listen with certain sources however as they are over driven or I hear noise in the line. It's the source and not the earbuds however cuz it does not happen with every think I use them on.
No, the only balanced cables I run to headphones are my old stax electrostats.