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The Dark Knot Knit Ties

The Dark Knot Knit Ties

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Here are some lifestyle images of our knit ties!:

Riverhead Polka Dot Silk Knit Tie:

Bellmont Stripes Silk Knit Tie:

Lawrence Brown Silk Knit Tie (with pointed end):

Lawrence Brown Silk Knit Tie (with pointed end):
Livingston Navy Silk Knit Tie:

Ithaca Grey Woolen Knit Tie
Ithaca Grey Wool Knitted Tie:
Rochester Striped Skinny Silk Knit Tie:
Here is a group image of a few of our knitted ties!

Livingston Navy
Bellmont Stripes

Ithaca Grey

Bellmont Stripes

Here are some lifestyle pictures!

Lawrence Brown

Love that one is named Ithaca, inspired by Ithaca, NY?
Yes sir, absolutely! We wanted to go with something that truly represents the winter charm of upstate New York, as this is a woolen knitted tie!
Country of manufacture please
Thank you for your interest. These are made in Shanghai, China.
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