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The Dark Knot Leather & Metal Bracelets

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Here are some of our lifestyle images featuring The Dark Knot's Covina Black Leather Silver & Gold Bracelet:


I ordered the malibu model. Can you please check and confirm that you will send the malibu model and email me?
Please note that we send out all items in compliance with Massdrop's stringent requirements, and are not permitted to receive buyer's email addresses. All correspondence post purchase is between the customer and Massdrop's fulfillment team.

Thank you once again. Apologies for any inconvenience that may have been caused.


Rishi Chullani

The Dark Knot
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Here are some lifestyle images featuring The Dark Knot's Covina Gold Leather Bracelet:

No need to reply, but yeah, I can only do 18cm / 7 inches
Otherwise I would have bought one or two, they do look dope
Thank you for your message. We will look into getting different sizes for these leather bracelets as soon as we can. Thanks again!
When will these be available in different sizes?
Thank you for your question. We are looking to introduce different sizes at some point, but do not have a definitive date. As of now, these are all currently available in one size. Thanks!

Where's the listing for the one with the Celtic-style knotwork on it? Is that one not available on this drop?
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Thank you! This bracelet, Livingston Black Leather Stainless Steel Bracelet, can be bought on our website, as it is not currently for sale with this campaign.
Thank you for sharing this!
Can anyone confirm if its a Single Bracelet for $39.99 or a Set of 4 as is depicted in the picture . I'm unfamiliar with the Brand hence my question. thanks.
This is a single bracelet for $39.99. Please let us know if there is anything else that we can help you with!

Down for the Black and Blue... beautiful product, thanks!
Thank you! Looking forward to you receiving your bracelet!
Pfft. This price for one?!? Pass!
They are cheaper on their website and have free shipping. Why does Massdrop continue to RIP OFF their members???
Thank you for your message. We were running a trial (few hours) 30% off early Black Friday special. Massdrop always has their users best interests in mind, and would not run a parallel offer that conflicts with what a brand / website is offering.
the max is 8.3? or it only comes in 8.3?
what's the sizing range? cause 8.3 is huge...
Thank you for your inquiry. The size is set at 8.3 inches, and does not come in multiple sizes.