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It's now been a month since I told Massdrop I'd rather wait for my ergodox than cancel the order. Whats the hang up? If they don't have them then are we really waiting for input club to produce more? What was the point of the drop then?
They didn't have the cases. I think they are supposed to get them this week.
Put my assembled whitefox -ISO- cherry mx brown on ebay if anyone is interested.
I purchased a wf with clears, assembled , but after reading all some of the posts I'm worried it will be defect in some way ...
I received my truefox with blues, also assembled, and it is actually perfect.
i hope i have the same luck
Knew it was too good to be true. Ordered an assembled Aria Whitefox with brown Gateron switches. I received a 1st batch DIY Kit with the oh so annoying blue switches.
Not that big of a problem I wouldn't think. Brown gaterons are readily available, otherwise I'd take an aria of your hands
Received my WhiteFox with Purple Zealios. Works great, other than the fact that I received two R keycaps and no P keycaps. Looks like they were mixed up during packaging.

Anyone by any chance missing an R keycap but have an extra P keycap to trade?

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That's unfortunate. Did you also have Zealios switches? There's apparently an easy fix by popping off the top and bending the contact back, no desoldering required. I'm gonna try it later when I have time.

I know the fix, but I did soldered the LED's on. So, it's going to be a pain...
To my fellow ergodox buyers here is an email I had with support:

" Seems like most units that we had in inventory were missing the case, since this is a vital piece for the keyboard we want to include all the items needed to assemble this piece to our customers and that is why we are requesting more case from the vendor. The order will be shipped including all thew items in around 2-3 weeks."

They seem somewhat confident that they will get the cases in but who knows. Their original emails should have been more descriptive. I figured they were missing the board and it would take months to get another one in. I tried to get them to ship me just the board since I plan on building a case anyway but they refused.
Well, the cases are very easy to make. They could send out to any number of places for those. Thanks for posting this tho, I wonder why they didn't include that in response I got which just said it was backordered and would be shipped in 2-3 weeks.
I got my whitefox today - true fox zealios 65g. I haven't assembled it yet, but everything appears to be in order... fingers crossed. I guess I might be one of the lucky ones from the sounds of it. I received one of the 1000 from the first drop.
Massdrop cancelled my Whitefox transaction. Without any warning. Sounds like some sort of consumer rights violation...truly disappointed with the way Massdrop handled this.

To the people who haven't got any shipment notifications: CHECK YOUR TRANSACTIONS AND EMAILS. You'll probably be disappointed
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I feel the same way. Was startled at the refund and now just sad. The whitefox is such an in demand item and it's a shame that MD was caught out by their rush to put more on the market.

Hopefully if there is a third drop there will be a little more care and QC now they know what to expect from the rush to buy.
There will almost certainly be a third drop. I suspect they will have learned some lessons, but the truth is for these low volume products, <10k, this kinda what can be expected. There are too many moving parts that need to come together.

There are more than a few times I have been told by our warehouse that a part was in stock, only to find out there was some kind of mistake. I suspect that the people who have the knowledge to look at a key board kit and determine if it is good to be sent to a customer are rather small number and NOT assigned to the warehouse.

I paid a premium to get a Whitefox in the last few days from another person on the drop, the money spent was more than I wanted but I was not wanting to wait till 2018. I hope you find one for you!
Just got the email that they somehow don't have my ErgoDox. Kind of disappointing to see that MD couldn't handle a batch of 11 keyboards.

Did anybody who ordered an ErgoDox actually get one? Or did MD completely drop the ball here?
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I ordered an ErgoDox and had my "drop joined" email literally within a minute of the drop starting, and it's somehow backordered. I'm going to wait for it, but it's definitely been a poor experience.
Same boat here. "backordered"

I've spent well over $100 on switches and caps for this already... if they don't actually send mine, my anger will be robust.