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Vorso Mk1 Spinning Top

Vorso Mk1 Spinning Top

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The best deal for these is on the basic brass machine finish top.
All the upgrades are more expensive than in their site, therefore reducing the deal and in some instances actually more expensive.
For example: Machined copper with ruby tip shipped to Canada ends up at $87 thru MD vs $84 on their website.

Anyway, I wish this deal was available a little over a month ago when I bought mine for $51 (machined brass/ceramic) from their website with free shipping but then got dinged with $9 import duty :(
I'm not the best at spinning but this is a great top that can easily spin over 10 mins with just a little practice and is also very easy to spin. Makes a great top for beginners and experienced alike.

A lens to spin on is a must for these, got mine from an optics store for a few dollars, brass with ruby best spin is just over 18 minutes, great little top
Billetspin has some pretty sick spin bases available right now.
I’ve been using lenses, makeup mirrors, and a ClearCut Spin Station.
Hello guys, can we have in the description the weight of each models? The idea of these tops is that the heavier the more they spin. Of course it take a bit more torque to be applied.
The brass is 42.5g, the copper is 44.7g the stainless is 39.8g.
Taken from Vorso's FAQ page (https://www.vorsospin.com/pages/faqs).
Like Rocman I am also not getting any response to my emails and messages from Vorso about my 3 week old order. Should I worry?
Because it’s not typically the manufacturer that ships it. You need to contact MassDrop Support for items you’ve order from here. They will be doing the shipping. Their contact link is on your Transactions page.
Love the copper when it is bright and shinny. my vorso copper looks dull after 2 weeks.

Is there any way to maintain the bright color ?
There sure is! Get a silver polish like Tarn-X. Dip it for just a few seconds, rinse with water, and it's like new.
Anyone know how to contact a person at Vorso? I placed an order three weeks ago and they’ve gone dark and don’t respond to my emails or messages. Terrible communicators.
Is it regarding a top you bought directly from Vorso, or here on MassDrop?
Manufacturer offers free worldwide shipping and some combinations (i.e. ruby + polished copper) actually works out cheaper to buy it directly from them.
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I saw a difference of 50 cents for the machined finish and 25 cent difference for the polished finish. That's for the copper versions.
Given that the price works out pretty much the same for you, this doesn't make it a great drop, does it? :^)
Can anyone tell me if they got their top with Asendia as the shipping partner, or DHL?
What's the allure of spinning tops? Just a hobby? I see them on MD all the time but I don't know a single owner. Wasn't aware they we're popular.
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Yeah, the whole fidget spinner fad lost me. These are a little more refined, as far as side hobbies go. I do like them, but I never owned a top, or was really interested them. I'm somewhat new to massdrop, and I was hoping to find good deals on things that interest me. I'm not actually sure how tops ended up in my queue for interests. But, I won't bash it, it's neat.
pretty much that exactly. I never in a hundred years tough I would spend $30 on a top but somehow I did and it is kinda neat. Weird times we live in, weird times. haha