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Is there an option for a split spacebar on this board?
Please sell again with Cherry brown switch!!!
Whitefox Snowman!
Kind of a lost hope, but I can't seem to find help anywhere. Input club forum is dead. No one responds to me in their discord chat.

Is anyone having issues when flashing the "latest" and "lts" firmware on their Whitefox?
Hey, sorry I'm late, but have you ever figured out flashing the firmware?
Yes, so apparently there is something wrong with the current configurator. I message a developer on Discord and he sent me a legacy link that uses the older firmware. This seem to fix it.
anyone plan to use Granite caps for the whitefox? Which kits do you guys buy?
I want to buy one if it is selling again.
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What happened?
Can you tell us something about the situation?
If anyone is interested for a whitefox R2 with zealios I'm selling mine for 160$ + shipping and paypal fee (used for 2 month) pm me on Geekhack my username is "MUMU" I will send you some photo (or give me you email below).
I need money fast (E6-V2 60% need that money ).
serious vendor allready sold my first whitefox 10 w ago to @AmarulaGold .
shipping from France.
Still selling?
Yes ,pm me on gh (MUMU) or give me your email .
Just wondering, when the WhiteFox will be dropped again, will you sell the NightFox version (black and red keycaps) with Gateron Blue switches?
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For sure no more drops? I looked at their store but the switch options are far smaller than what was available in the drops.
The last drop was a DIY kit, which personally was everything I could ever wish for. Many months and several keyboards later, I still use the whitefox as my daily driver. I don't know if it because it is mine, or the zealios switches, or how sexy it looks, but man is it good. I totally recommend buying it off their website if they aren't doing anymore drops, diy or not.

My only complaint is the non-standard modifier keys, which can cause much headache trying to color match with additional modifier sets.
FYI, over on the WhiteFox kickstarter page, they just added the option for the new NightFox (a black version of the WhiteFox)
Found this on
Just FYI to those interested in this item. You can pledge for December (hopefully) delivery on Kickstarter ($169), and they've confirmed they'll be doing USB Type C.

Link to the Kickstarter page and update from Input Club on USB Type C:
I see the kickstarter version is now available. Anyone know if this will hit Massdrop soon? I'd like to support the massdrop community by purchasing through them.
It won't hit MD anymore. That is the point of the kickstarter. Matteo has basically said he is tired of dealing with MD. FYI, Matteo is the creator of the WhiteFox.
I don't think so. From what it sounds like, input club and Massdrop couldn't see eye-to-eye on this for some reason.