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Thermaltake Poseidon Z Illuminated

Thermaltake Poseidon Z Illuminated


Where's the price?

To negotiate the best possible price for our members, we must agree to hide our prices externally.

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mad ass bruh
Guys, this is on sale from for $60 (blue switches) until 2/28 with free shipping.
I've written a short review on the keycool keypad including a description of the Kailh brown switches comparing them to Cherry switches I know. Just thought I'd share for anyone who is interested.
I was just looking to buy this :D But sadly, I will have to wait a bit until more people by it so it goes lower than the Newegg price.
Shipping kinda kills the deal...
We requested the vendor for better pricing for the group after the feedback here and have updated the drop tiers accordingly.
I own this keyboard and even though these aren't Khail switches they still feel pretty good. I am fine with the fact that Thermaltake decided to go with Khails. My only issue is that I didn't know how long the keyboard would last given the known quality of Cherry's, but my worry was settled when Thermaltake said they'd give a 5 year warranty on the keyboard.
I'd be all over this if it was Cherry switches.
You can get this at its lowest price point for $10 cheaper and also the brown switch version usually is slightly more expensive. However The only reason I wouldn't pay the extra $10 to get it within a couple of days opposed to 4-6 weeks is if I already had a board and didn't need one right away or it's going to be a gift for someone birthday that's 4-6weeks down the road. I'm all about supporting the community as long as its not a huge inconvenience.
The link defaults to Blue switches. However, there is another "color" option available (anyone familiar shopping on Amazon will understand that), which has the browns.
Wasn't the Cherry MX blue switch version of this keyboard (Thermaltake Poseidon Illuminated) literally on Massdrop for $70 plus less shipping less than a week ago? Why would anyone possibly think this was a good deal?
This doesn't make sense. I can get this cheaper locally and on Amazon.
So how is this one different from the one on Amazon which is the same price and free shipping with Prime?
From what I could gleam, you save $0.01, and it ships faster if you order from Amazon.
At first glance you might be right. But compare 50$, warranty not even mentioned, to 80$, 5 years warranty.

I've learned my lesson well regarding Monoprice and they have offered me an excellent service, but i'll never ever buy a mechanical keyboard again from them.
The Monoprice one on drop right now seems like a better deal with its Cherry switches.
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