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Timex Expedition Sierra Chronograph Quartz Watch

Timex Expedition Sierra Chronograph Quartz Watch

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Is this not the same thing at $64? Reviews not awesome, either. I must be missing something.
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Good point. But if you like the Brown/Green better (which if I were buying, I do), Amazon's price and 2-day delivery blows this MD price away. Amazon's price is now $58.95! Plus, it just bothers me when companies charge different prices for different colors when you know their costs are the same. But I guess it's supply and demand...
I would buy one if the picture showed a 12 hour subdial as described
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I'm seeing what looks to be a 10th sec dial at 2. No?
You're right.
Massdrop has it wrong.

The 2 o'clock is a 1/20 second chronograph timer, which remains motionless until the chronograph is paused and not reset, at which the 1/20 hand points to the appropriate timing. Also the Timex Sierra Chronograph function will automatically reset itself and disengage if left running for 4 hours continuously.
-Timex .pdf
That's actually kinda cool to be honest. I hate chronographs but if I were to buy one, and timex expedition digital CATs were not an option, I would jump on this. I think it looks awesome but I read reviews that the light sucks. Can anyone confirm? The expedition series as a whole is stellar in my opinion.

Massdrop also has the msrp incorrect i believe. Timex is selling this watch for $120 on their website. Not $150
It's almost the same price on Amazon. Massdrop is a scam.
At this price is not a deal. You can buy it in some well know internet shopping companies al the same price or even more cheaper
It's not the same color scheme, but the dark green/dark brown version and black version are $78 on the Timex site:

This is a great watch for its price, I highly recommend it. I bought mine in a regular store for about 90$, so the deal is not that great.
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