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Tissot PRC 200 Powermatic 80 Automatic Watch

Tissot PRC 200 Powermatic 80 Automatic Watch

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What was the price on this model? Do you feel it's worth the price?
This one has a 20 bar water resistance. The one mentioned below that costs less has 5 bar water resistance rating ...
Generally WIS that are looking for dress watches, COSC is much, much more sought after then water resistance. 5 bar is 150 feet which is great for a dress watch. Try to find cheap COSC watches, it is very difficult. Try to find cheap 20 bar watches, they are everywhere and you can find them for $50. I'm a licensed NAUI driver (hobby) and IMHO if you dive with a watch you bring one with a unidirectional bezel not something like this, which makes the 20 bars meaningless. This is more of an explorer type watch which is trying to also be dressy with the real leather fake croc strap. To me not worth the extra $79.00. With that $79 I'd buy the one I linked to with a real croc strap.
If it was a 42 or larger I’d be in. I really like the tissot brand and and hope Md has more tissot drops I’m the future!
If you are thinking of this watch. May I suggest this other watch that I linked below. It is similar in appearance but less. The fit and finish of this other watch is amazing and in all honesty is the best bang for your buck watch I've ever seen for $350. It has history, 80 hour power reserve, sapphire crystal, in house movement and the icing on the cake is the COSC certification. If I wasn't saving for another watch I'd be all over this Tissot Chronometer. https://www.jomashop.com/tissot-watch-t086-408-11-031-00.html
That luxury automatic you linked is the right move. Amazing price/value.

It sounds like large numbers of the Powermatic 80 caliber could potentially pass COSC (https://watch-insider.com/news/tissot-powermatic-80-automatic-caliber-ushering-era-ultra-precise-low-cost-mechanical-movements/). Granted the author is "citing" rumor/hearsay , though with the high-tech escapement being laser calibrated and fixed (non-adjustable) by computers and robots in the factory, it's a reasonable conclusion that Tissot could achieve very high consistency in quality + grade. It's interesting to know that a Powermatic 80 could likely pass COSC, whether it actually has the stamp or not.
How is this a deal? This is one of like 100 things on this site that I have seen recently that is either overpriced or the same price as what it is sold for at retail or on other websites. I fail to see how this is ethical practice considering you will put a price with a slash through it as if we are getting a deal when objectively, we are not.
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No, not a blue dial. Not with these specs (watch I linked to) that are COSC certified at $350. TBH I don't know how this one is $350 with the sapphire glass, COSC, history of watch, display back, on stainless steel solid link bracelet, 80 hour power reserve with in-house ETA movement. It's an insane value. Tissot has two watches that surpass the Seikos at this moment in terms of value. The one I linked to and the PRS 516 with Valjoux 7750 chronograph for $450 (gotta catch those sales guys ;) ) Not the ones that are with the newer C01 movements which I've read have had problems. Try to find a new Seiko with an automatic mechanical movement for $450. You can't, I've tried. :(
Hey thanks for taking the time to write this, I'm new to my interest in watches and this is really helpful.
I do not see the Massdrop advantage of this purchase...

Tissot Men's T0554301104700 PRC 200 Analog Display Swiss Automatic Silver-Tone Watch https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00KIN9VHC/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_UkItBbYFHXFJ6
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link you post is blue dial only, mass drop price is 429. the link you cite has ranges for selling prices between 453.89 and 750.00, mass drop is cheaper
amazon doesn't give anything, the price of the watch reflects a purchase of a third party (asurion) warranty, whether or not the level of service asurion provides is good or of value is a different discussion. warranty's have a hard cost line item addition to the selling price, exclusion of the warranty allows for additional price breaks, in the amazon example, their purchase agreement allows for an economy of scale that results in less per unit (warranty agreement) pricing. Mass drop could offer similar agreements but then their selling prices would reflect the higher cost to them to offer said good, then there would be people raising a stink about the price even more and saying they'd take a cheaper price if they could do w no third party warranty.
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