Tony Moly	Egg Pore Shiny Skin Soapsearch

Tony Moly Egg Pore Shiny Skin Soap

Tony Moly Egg Pore Shiny Skin Soap

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Soap Meets Mask

Designed to clear your pores of blackheads, whiteheads, and other skin-clogging impurities, the Tony Moly Egg Pore Shiny Skin Soap can be used two ways: as a cleanser and a mask. In the cute carton, you’ll find a brightening white egg that’s ideal for morning use and a firming brown egg that’s meant for right before bed. Both are formulated with egg-white extract, revered for its ability to tighten, tone, and brighten while shrinking the appearance of pores. Coconut oil rounds out the soaps’ hydrating, deep-cleaning benefits. To cleanse, lather the soap with water to produce a foam-like consistency, then gently massage it onto your face and rinse. To use it as a mask, create a thick foam, apply evenly, and leave it on for about five minutes before rinsing.

Note: This drop is limited to 50 sets.

Tony Moly	Egg Pore Shiny Skin Soap
Tony Moly	Egg Pore Shiny Skin Soap
Tony Moly	Egg Pore Shiny Skin Soap


  • 2 soaps (50g each)


Myristic Acid Stearic Acid Lauric Acid Triethanolamine Palmitic Acid Glycerine Purified Water Sodium Hydroxide Propylene Glycol Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil Elaeis Guineensis (Palm) Oil Yellow Ocher (Ocher Clay) Eggs White Tetrasodium Salt Triclosan Perfume


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