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Sunshine Copper & Brass Toothpick Case

Sunshine Copper & Brass Toothpick Case

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My case arrived today ... super nice. I am very pleased. I am going to do hard boiled egg patina on this beauty and will post photos later.

Many Thanks Massdrop !!

Hard boiled egg patina ...

I want this in all copper and I'll pay the extra 5 bucks you charge on your website. Any way I can I do that?
I only have a few of the copper tubes in stock and they are only available on my website.
Well that's fine but I don't want to spend 45 + shipping, i.e. double the Massdrp price
Will the inner dimensions of this allow for a machine-rolled joint?

I use a mouthpiece and canvas roller, so basically a full size cigarette is what I'm looking to pack.
I'm pretty sure both the diameter and length are too small. Sorry..
Can this hold small Advil like pills ?
The inside diameter is 5/16 of an inch. Hope this helps!
Went to check out and found that I couldnt upgrade to all copper. Unfortunately I'll have to hold off until next time I hope. Not a fan of brass. And I'd like to keep my copper collecting on a streak. Still a fan.
I wish this drop was for the all copper one too.
And does the model with the key ring includes the carabiner as shown?
Yes, a stainless steel nano clip as shown.
Is it a raw finish or is it covered with some laquer or something to prevent patina?
There isn't a finish like lacquer on these. I find that as a lacquer finish chips and wears off, the metal gets tarnished in those spots and cannot be polished. These can either develop a patina, or be polished and kept new looking.
But will it hold matches..?
Strangely enough.
I need this.
Especially for my keychain train but more specifically for the badass toothpicks I've started using. They contain something toxic yet fun. Secrets.
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Are you sure its nicotine they are infused with or something a lot more fun? You need to share and send me a few to try, hit me up and I'll send you my snail-mail.
I haven't made those toothpicks...yet.
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