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Topping NX4 DSD DAC/Amp

Where's the price?
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What’s up with the “dilvpoetry” ones on amazon? I can’t find that much info on that brand. Anyone know?
I suspect that these will not adequately power AKG 340's at 400 ohms. I'm not sure which number I need to look for in a portable amp to find one that will. Any suggestions as to what I need to look for would be appreciated.
The NX4 is wonderful with my Sennheiser HD6XX. Plenty of power, not ear splitting but ear filling.
Do I need this if I have the LG V20?
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That's what I did and what an improvement!
Very nice DAC but not an especially great price.
Anyone know what sized tool is used to open these up? Mines made a slight noise when I got it. Now something has come loose, and I'd like to open it and see what happened. Works well enough, but the loose thing is buggin'.
There are two very long slotted head bolts on the back that let you slide it out of the case.
What sized tool do I use to turn them?
How would one connect an iPhone or iPad (with lightning port) to this DAC?
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Yep, the Apple one, probably best to just buy from as it's cheaper there and guaranteed to be genuine.
Any word on when these start shipping out?
What's the power output for low gain 300 ohms ?
According to the specifications listed here 57mW
Good Day... Just acquired this NX4DSD. so far is solid item. Easy connectivity (plug and play) from Note 8, PC win10, iOS (with additional data lighting cable). Compare to fiio e12a, this NX4 is brighter, low freq is less detail, mid a bit recessed , & high is more spicy. In short, make E12A feels warm compare to NX4...
Question, how to connect this NX4DSD to fiio X5 3rd Gen... ? I already quick google, but no good solutions....
edit : the issued is solved in on discussion below for fiio x5iii bug for streaming apps cant digital out put through USB... only to analog jack output....
additional info, NX4DSD shine when driving high impedance Headphone (DT990Pro 250ohm), but not for high sensitivity low impedance IEM, either play low volume to get the detail or use ifi ebuddy to crank it up
I'm sorry, but right now I'm a bit curious as to what happens if i operate this as an output dac from my pc, say outputting 16bit 44.1khz. Does this device convert my pcm 16bit 44.1khz stream to DSD, or does the dac then operate at this 16bit 44.1khz rate and convert that to analog? If so does anyone have any measurements on how this product performs at various sample formats? I'm sure the specs are quoted for an ideal DSD implementation, right? Thank ya.
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"Nope, going to have to google and see what you find or ask that one guy at that review site, he seems like he responds to people questions."
i already did "google", i dnot know why you would assume what i should have to do son., I'm asking here now, thats the recommended procedure.. I dont know why your drawing assertions of what i'll have to do, i just posted this recently, there could be more replies yet to come in.., It's fine to ask if anyone else has seen and findings and start a conversatino about known findings., thats how google result can get made, and links. =)
"I don't think the higher sample rates could be converted all that bad. But then again I don't even test dsd or anything higher than 192 or 96 khz. "
ohhkay, i was looking for someone who might definitively know.., not offer a suspicion and conjecture presented as fact.., I could have been misled by such incorrect presentations Zod1ac..
"I have not played with dsd but heard there are ways to up-sample into dsd. "
Im not just looking for up-sampling, but also "crossampling" and even "downsampling" or just dsd handling of pcm stream decimation having the device in a DSD mode, maybe at a floating DSD depending on if i'm outputting 16bit @44.1 or 24bit@96 or DSD. Like does the device have input sensing and actively adjust based on input format, or is it all passive, and if it's all passive can i set to to a DSD mode, to handle all samples into a DSD stream? Like what happens if i output to the device 16bit@44.1, then 24bit@96, then a few minutes later output DSD, then a few minutes later 88.2khz, is it always operating passively directly what i feed it or can it adjust samples into a format. Is anyone sure it's unable to do that, and that the only way to have it operate DSD is to send it only DSD but that it cant handle PCM streams into DSD? Or does anyone have more information on the operating modes, passive or active. I'm asking here on the community product page in the event someone might have intimate experience or in-depth knowledge about the device.., Afterall this is a place to chat about it. ;-)
"Foobar with asio and set output to asio (device your using) you will get bit perfect with no conversion and it sound best this way because up-sampling makes it sound weird and I don't care/like it."
lol. in your opinion maybe foobar is the "right way", but i suggest that not necessarily the case, or an implementation which would work as intended for many use cases. gooslette your making so many assumptions.., please reconsider your methods for science, =). Cheers.
I'm a little unclear what the purpose of the question is here. Ultimately the Sabre applies filtering to whatever input format comes in and then converts it with a proprietary modulator. ESS seems rather cagey about the details as they don't have any data sheets or block diagrams that I could find, but I don't think converting PCM to DSD would make much sense here as it'll all go through the same modulation in the end. There's no "passive" conversion option with a chip like the Sabre, unlike an old school NOS ladder DAC or a custom modulator eg via FPGA.
Can Massdrop clarify the iOS lightning connector issue? I see from the comments on Amazon that that version includes a lightning to micro-USB cable and I thought the Massdrop version would be the same. Does it include it or not? And if not, what cable is recommended? Thanks.
I cancelled my drop because of the ship date. Maybe other people did not notice the Nov.21th ship date.
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Almost always it ships early unless there is an error, in which they let you know that it will be later. Most of my drops ship weeks early
Yes it is quite late huh? maybe it;'s being made to order, like as an assembly batch. Do you think? =)
So no lighting connector, am I reading that correct? The amazon version seems to have but higher price.
I just recently bought one on Amazon and it doesn't have a lightning cable either fyi
So far I'm liking the Topping NX4 DSD got them in Amazon due to the drop ended when I purchased them on Amazon, overall it powers everything I throw at them from AKG K7XX, Philips SHP-9500, V-Moda M100's, OneOdio Studio Pro, 1More Triple/Multiple Driver Over the Ear and some IEM's. For me NX4 DSD being my first Dac/Amp is superb, I'm enjoying in listening to all genres of music, and media content (Youtube/Movies) all over again
Has anyone compared the OPPO Ha-2/Ha-2SE to this device?
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"Measurements i understand show the discrepancies withing a given unit, so mean pretty much everything to me when deciding., i wouldn't trust my ears, especially dealing with things so fine as half-decent amp and dac measures...  I wouldn't trust my ear so much as measurements" This is a real head scratcher to me, but hey to each their own.
yeah.............. I try to use measurements to make decisions but I think I trust my ears more than measurements. If I had an audio store with a wide range of headphones and amps I wouldn’t bother asking for measurements from the salesman. I’d listen and choose what “sounds best” to my preference. I’ve picked headphones and amps based on reviews and measurements only to find out I hated them haha
I am new to this so forgive me for this question. How is this better than the schiit fulla?
What should I be looking for in. Dac/amp combo?
Well I think this is definitely more for those who need a portable setup, as you can charge it and take it on the go.
But still, i think he means how does it compare as a dac/amp to another. I mean maybe the op doesn't want to buy numerous DAC-AMPS if the portable is preferable. You asking in regards to the "audio-quality", right ants? =) I mean if the performance here is superior, it might not matter if ones portable or not, if the power suplly supersedes the need without compromise. Also, the NX4 is a mobile, not just a portable, so it's greatest extent for support might be for those who want a mobile setup..
I have both an iFi xDSD and Hidizs DH1000. Both have balanced output, but probably overkill for what I drive portably. Would the NX4 DSD add anything to that lineup (other than $140, of course :-) )?
The Topping NX4 DSD is one of my favourites when it comes to portable DAC+amps. It's small and portable, it is well built and it has enough power to drive most headphones. You can read my review, if you wish, for further thoughts and analysis:
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Yes. I’m using the 6XX with it.
I appreciate this review, it answered a lot of questions I had. I was also looking at the iFi Nano iDSD Black which you also happened to review. I'm looking for a mobile Amp because I like to take my Senn 6XX (these are the only difficult to drive headphones I have) onto the back porch sometimes and I feel pretty silly hauling my LCX desktop amp and extension cords back and forth. I'm glad you mentioned possible problems with sensitive IEMs but I don't plan on using this device for those, my FiiO x1 treats them well enough on it's own. I'll pick the NX4 over the iFi device since it's a bit cheaper and seem very comparable.
There's a NX3s drop going right now for $55 and I'm trying to decide if it's worth it to pony up for an NX4 at $150. Do you have any insights for me?
$135.99 right now on AliExpress.
$118 with coupons
what coupons? Where can I find them? specific to this purchase?
Can someone in the community please assist? I am having a problem using this with a Samsung S9+. Right out of the box they made beautiful music together. On the second day of use, the Neutron app asked if I wanted to enable Hi-Res, and I accepted. That was the last time I heard from the S9 + through the NX4. The problem is not just with Neutron, I also tried Player Pro and HiBy- The NX4 is functional - it works with my LG V20 (I took care not to enable Hi-Res on that phone) and the NX4 installed on my Windows 10 Pro PC without any drivers or other help from me. As part of my troubleshooting, I reversed the Hi-Res settings in the Neutron app, tried switching cables, power cycled the phone several times, all to no avail. I would like to avoid a full reset of the phone - too time consuming and there is no guarantee that it will fix the problem. If anyone has a solution to this one I would appreciate it. As my primary use case for the NX4 was to get the sound quality of the V20 with S9+, I now do not have that much need for it. I have other DAC/Amps. The phone is the unlocked Samsung Model running Oreo 8.0.0. The NX4 is from the latest drop. Thanks.
In Neutron, try toggling your "Generic Driver" under Setings/Audio Hardware. Or go within that generic driver and look as what is toggled on or off. I have all of mine set to high rez, and am NOT using custom format. I think i killed my sound once by messing with "generic driver" BTW, use the generic driver--it will give you the most options on frequency, etc.
On S9+ look at your sound quality and effects seetings
Thank for this. I found an online solution for the S8 that also worked for my phone under Developer Options - Toggle on "Prevent USB Audio Routing." Not sure why that worked, but it did. Using Poweramp for the moment and getting fine sound from the NX4. I am going to uninstall and reinstall Neutron when I get the chance.
Just a quick little blurb...
But mine arrived and it's a nice unit. It has a good soundstage, does the ESS Sabre thing with good detail and present treble, has a very slight warm tilt from the amp, and has a ton of power on tap. Fiio does a better bass boost, as this one seems to bleed into the mids a bit, but it's not bad at all. It looks really good and is very, very solid. It's the perfect size and shape to attach to a Samsung Galaxy S8/9 for example and really is a nice portable dac/amp as far as design and function goes.
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Yeah man, I have a set of red k7xx's and ghe NX4DSD can drive them just fine. I think low gain towards the upper rotation of the volume pot or high gain at about 50% tends to be where I would keep it set to. No worries and give it a go, it's a nice device for sure.
What do u think about the vocals, does it sound recessed to you??
If you are looking for the Lightning to MicroUSB DAC cable to allow the Topping NX4 DSD to work with iPhones, here is that information.
Looking forward to receiving my first Chi-fi product. Was going back and forth between this and the IFI Nano BL . Decided to save the $60 bucks. Hoping that future iterations of this or the Nano BL will include BT connectivity to a smartphone. Any thoughts on a high quality interconnect to the phone? Thanks to all the community members for the helpful comments.
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You will for sure tell the difference between this and wired.
Do you own an ES100?
Edited a few minutes later. Yo, Darwin. Why don’t you Troll somewhere else. I looked you up and all of your Massdrop comments are either negative or condescending.
Massdrop should have included an iOS cable, even if it was more $. It’s a PITA to find one, and impossible to find L versions.
Darn, just got this delivered from China 4 days ago. I should have waited and saved $20. Oh well. But I get to let those interested know how good this is. My FiiO Q1 Mark2 is no longer being used. It’s in its box and it‘s going to be sold. The Topping NX4 DSD runs circles around it even with it only being single ended. The NX4 has extremely good output, enough to drive my HD650’s and HE4xx’s to ear bleeding levels. For general listening no gain increase is needed, but when you want to Rock just flick the switch and it kicks butt. Supposedly in high gain it starts to have higher distortion levels above 80% volume, but even if that is so at 80% it pushes both headphones to serious levels. Bass boost is nice, not overwhelming at all. I use it about 90% of the time. As for form factor it’s a little thicker than the FiiO Q1 mk2 but length and width wise it sits nicely behind my FiiO X7 Mk2 DAP. the NX4 also works well with my pc Where the Q1 didn’t. So what are you waiting for just pull the trigger.


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Yes, I agree with you, bummer. FiiO really screwed up by not letting steamed music be output through the digital output microUSB port. If I would have known I would have never purchased the X7 Mk2.
I used my X5 iii for spotify only. Even My flac collection is less than 32 Gb... not to eager for to much
it seems my X5 iii only be pair with my fiio E12a...
This is old stock? Save 20 USD? New model has ES9038Q2M chip . Please correct me if i'm wrong
Don't think so.
All NX4s being sold should have the new chip.
Massdrop might've just overlooked updating the info.
Does anyone know how to contact support for the NX4 DSD? My DAC/AMP was working perfectly for little over a month, but now it fails to connect to any device. I have tried to connect the NX4 DSD to an Android, Windows PC and Macbook with no success.
The device still powers on and can be charged, just cannot connect to any input device
Any help would be appreciated, Thanks Edit: I have also tried multiple cables (see response to Martino_xl1978)
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Go to the Topping website and get the email address. They were very responsive to me when I had a lightening to micro USB cable issue with my NX4.
I asked Massdrop because I couldn't find their website originally. I just searched a little harder and found them, Thanks
How does it do with, high sensitivity low impedance devies?
Like wired hd1's or ATH-AD2000X.
THe NX4 DSD did really well in my review and measurements:
It was unexpected to see such clean performance in such a small and portable package. It is a great value at full retail and even better at $139 on massdrop.
Amir - I have both an iFi xDSD and Hidizs DH1000. Would the NX4 DSD add anything to that lineup (other than $140, of course :-) )?