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Topping TP60 Class-T Amplifier

Topping TP60 Class-T Amplifier

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Can this amp power these speakers?

This Is Not A real 80w amplifier
it is rated at 80w x2 into 4ohms at 10%thd
so basically it is a 27w x2 into 8ohms at 0.1% distortion

specs ; Power output: 2 x 80W (into 4Ω @ 10% THD), 2 x 48W (into 4Ω @ 0.1% THD), 2 x 50W (into 8Ω @ 10% THD), 2 x 27W (into 8Ω @ 0.1% THD
I had this amp and it sounds great! But, be aware they cause serious RF interference. Now this was 3 years ago maybe they managed to isolate it. I sold it to a co-worker who Heard it and loved it. Always wanted to buy another even with the RF interference. I was told that it is a fault of the Class T chip. Mine had a slight transformer Hum that wasn't noticable from a few feet away or with music playing, so it didn't bother me. Class T is like class D+.
I'm unclear on what this is. "Class T" is a marketing BS way of saying class D when you dont want to say class D due to misconceptions bout class D in some audio circles. (bass players and sound guys got over their doubts about class D a long time ago. So you dont see "class T" bass amps or live sound gear. Some audiophiles are still laboring under the delusion that class D means digital though).

The confusing bit is the reference to 'linear power supply support'? Class D/T have PWM power supplies. It's the defining characteristic. Linear and PWM power supplies are mutually exclusive.
That's not how it works. It's PWM, not PWPS. PWM is pulse width MODULATION. Not pulse width POWER SUPPLY. The PWM is the modulator. Not the power supply. They're two different things. Yes class D is a switching amplifier, and yes many use SMPS (switching mode power supplies), but they can and do also use linear power supplies. Both can be good, and either can be bad. It's all in the implementation. Normally if you buy a class D amp that requires a wall wart, or external power supply. You want to use a SMPS, because linear can cause ripple issues. But when designing your own amp. You can take care of that issue easily enough. So yes this is a linear power supply on a class D amp, but that's not necessarily a great thing. Nor is it a bad thing.
Hey, I've been watching this, since I just bought a pair of Klipsch 3.2 (8 ohm, 65w max) from a coworker, and he also offered to sell me his old Denon DRA-545. I'm watching this because I don't need all the features of a receiver, since I just care about music from my own sources, so anyhoo I was wondering if anyone knows what the audio characteristics of this are? I see there's no tone control, just input and output, which is nice assuming it's a perfectly linear amp...
I've one of these connected to a pair of Jamo C103 the sound is really good. I use it mostly to watch TV but music is also enjoyable. It has been turned on 24/7 for like 6 months and still working, no issues whatsoever. I bought it because of the big transformers, there're other Class-T Amplifiers but most of them use switching power supplies that after some time start doing funny things. For the price I think it's a good option.
Suppose the unit has humming issue ... will massdrop take this back?
I don't see any reference to warranty. Do these come with any warranty?
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Yeh, maybe that'll help, but i don't want to get into modifying the amp if there are issues. I was very keen on trying this amp out, but with my concerns about returns/warranty going unanswered, i've bought this amp from parts express for the same price (open box + coupon). I'll have 45 day return guarantee, and a 1 yr warranty. I'm a massdrop junkie and have bought several items ... but unfortunately, this won't be on that list.
fair enough
Consensus seems to be that they sound very very good. The only downside that i can see people complaining online is the humming that seems to be come from the amp.
Is a 220/230V version available?
Any ideas how this compares with the Topping PA3 passive speaker amp that was dropped recently along with the D30 & A30 Topping stack?
Can anyone find out the headphone output and impedance? Thanks
It’s a speaker amp, it doesn’t have headphone output.
Yeah, what people with the Hifiman HE-6 (a notoriously inefficient headphone) do is that they use a special adapter to connect to speaker outputs because they need all the power they can get. That's why the description mentions the HE-6 in particular: you're not using this for headphones unless you have something like that or the K1000.
Can we get one of the mods to have a look at this posting, it mentions driving headphones but unlike most of toppings offerings, this doesn’t include a headphone amp. I’m not sure how you would connect a pair of planars to this but if you did you would probably blow out your ear balls.
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the sensitivity is a lot higher though
your ears have balls?
I just bought one of these a few weeks ago, I don’t have any really specific listening notes but I think it sounds great and it’s built like a tank. My only complaint is the source led‘s are too bright so I put a piece of tape over them.
Same, I have two of these, and had my daughter put stickers on the LEDs. The first one I have had for at least 2 years, maybe 3. No issues, and sound great with both Chinese bookshelf speakers and Tannoy bookshelf speakers.