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Realforce Topre 104UB-DK

Realforce Topre 104UB-DK

Where's the price?
To negotiate the best possible price for our members, we must agree to hide our prices externally.

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Massdrop, please bring this back. I hope you’re still out there... thanks!
It was never heard again.... Anyone still waiting?
Can someone tell me what price this dropped at when it was active? Thanks.
I believe it was $215
Hope dies last
PLEASE drop this again
PLEASE drop this again!!!
This! Bring this back, Massdrop! It seems perfect as I'll need the numpad for work, but I can be one with cup rubber there too!
I sent a message to support about its availability. The response:

"There isn't a set number for requests, but we may run the drop again in the upcoming months! If you click the request button on the drop page, you will be automatically notified by e-mail when the drop is available again."

Oh, well.
How about a comment from Massdrop staff on future availability? I want to know if I should buy something else.
If you guys could somehow get an option for this to be 55g, that'd be amazing!
Best features of this keyboard in my opinion: full size, two tone caps (high contrast) and the black label over the LEDs.

Would love it if this was uniform 55g!
PLEASE drop this again!!!
Any update on this? I see 382 requests at this moment... isn't this enough for a relaunch?
I'm hoping this drops again
When will this be dropping again?
please do this drop again
Waiting patiently for the next drop...If there is one
Not shipping worldwide? Last time missed the chance. But seems this time the price goes up?
If you're not playing FPS games this keyboard is awesome
Eh, I'd argue that. This is my main keyboard and I use it for everything from RTS' to FPS' to typing really long essays I don't even need to write because it's so nice.