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Topre Realforce Numpad Bundle

Topre Realforce Numpad Bundle

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Black ones sold out, bah.
Only 15 people joined the drop.

What did they have like 1 Black in stock?
So glad I sold my kidney early for this.
Good to see the price is reduced bringing this down to only $105 before shipping, what a bargain, for a numpad,
Toprahh leaves you Brokahh! ♫♪
Let's be real this is a $100 realforce cap with bonus keypad
But that RF cap is a really nice cap! It almost makes up for the throwaway keypad, I think.
costs as much as a keyboard damnnnn
~shameless plug~
anyone from australia interested to get this product? i can get them for a good price from my country
reddit: briano1905
Have one for work since I travel a lot and input a lot of data. Best investment of $100 I've made. I'm considering getting another one but maybe next year or so when this drops again.

I've bought and made several numpads through MD, but none feel as great as a RF Topre.
lol over $100 for a numpad. But I guess you can charge as much as people are willing to pay for it.
100$ for le rubber dome???
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That's pronounced, "Rubre Domeh".
Ru-bre-do-meh??? nah... "T-O-P-R-E"
Well gentlemen, I understand that if you live in the US then there are many choices you can choose regarding sellers and have many more shipping options than people like me who live in South East Asia where hardly any online stores would want to ship stuffs here. I'm glad I found Massdrop 2 years ago and since then it becomes my top choice when buying certain kind of stuffs. It is not the fastest shipping store but if it does ships to my location most of the time the shipping cost is reasonable and acceptable. Some online stores like Amazon sometimes sells stuffs for much less and ships within a few days but they don't ships electronics to my address, even if they do the cost would be very high which I'm not ok with.

Anyway, I got this numpad from last drop and it is sitting on the left of my HHKB. I was wondering what proper Topre board would feel like and I wonder if it would be a lot different from Royal Kludge Topre clone I got over a year ago. This was the cheapest Topre board I could get and besides I need a numpad for spreadsheet but I hate full size board so here it is. So I later bought HHKB when I visited Japan 'cause either store wouldn't ship to my address or some stores would but shipping is another 40-60$ extra(was going to Japan anyway so why not buy from store over there for 170$) Gotta admit that typing numbers with left hand is much slower than with right hand but I can manage.
100 buckeroons?
109.00 on, regular price. No dye-sub extra key cap, though.
Over $100 for a num pad? You've got to be kidding me, I could get an entire mechanical keyboard with a numpad for the same if not less. Hell the entire mechanical keyboard I have now is a less than a third the price of this thing, albeit without a numpad, which is what led ne here.
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I'm literally comparing the same switches. You can get this numpad only for over $100 or a full size kb for a little over twice that. The value proposition isn't even close, and there's no reason for this numpad to be this expensive, especially comparing it to similar products. This is a bad value for torpres, not just for a numpad
Buying an 87U costs just as much as a 104U. You're still getting less keys, but paying just as much. Price isn't determined by a 1:1 mapping of how many keys are on a keyboard.