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Topre Realforce RGB Mechanical Keyboard

Topre Realforce RGB Mechanical Keyboard


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somebody make this happen man, before the end of this year, please.
I really am not sure why people hate on the RGB aspect of this (or any) keyboard. If I were paying a large premium for it, then I would understand. However, the price of this keyboard is just marginally higher than their non-RGB keyboards that I just priced in the US. You don't like rainbows? Make it a solid color. Blue. Red. White. Load up their software and you can choose any color you want. Don't like LEDs at all? FN+End once, and lights turn off and stay off. This is not hard. This is not rocket science. Giving users the flexibility of RGB while not charging much for it is a win-win for everyone. I purchased mine locally and it is staying on my desk for years to come.
Looks like it's $250 on Newegg, in case anybody's interested.
It's almost tempting, but jesus christ, in total (after shipping) over $300? (And that's *before* the exchange rate to Canadian.) Can't justify that at all.
FYI: just lowered their price to $254.
Bought this from amazon. But mine had a chatter problem. APC to the most sensitive setting, then some keys just ramdomly register themselves.
Hi MK lovers and especially Topre lovers, you're welcome to check our store and particularly this t-shirt:

Can the Realforce branding on the upper right easily be removed? Also - would I be able to use regular Cherry MX keys on this board? I really don't like the font that much - rather go for a classic and somewhat clean look.
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What a waste of money and time your idea is trolling.
You're a very nice person I'm sure.
RGB can make anything look tacky
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People can buy what they want and people can say what they want.
You can buy it if you want. We were just saying it's tacky to us which is why we weren't. Use some logic there man.
No one on this site wants this rubber dome keyboard.
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People throw this around the subreddit as a joke. It's basically mocking how offended people get over the Topre price tag. Don't take it too seriously. :)
So either he's dumb or acting dumb
Woo, a mirror under the LEDs! This drop should include a gold zodiac necklace and a polyester leisure suit so we could do the whole disco thing properly. :?)
$299AUD for Australians.
And that's on sale! Normally $339!
Do people not realize that you can get a keyboard at Walmart for like $10?
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I used to drive a hyndai sonata 2009 sits on the driveway unless I hangout with colleagues and gf. When I am going to be about and might run into people I drive around in the merc c300. Tbh the merc is great and perfect for self esteem. I can not get the same feeling from the idea of a keyboard so i will look at it from a headphone ideal.