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TOPS Knives C.U.T. 4.0 Combat Utility Tool Knife

TOPS Knives C.U.T. 4.0 Combat Utility Tool Knife

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Well I kept coming back to look at this design and ended up ordering one. From the reviews, I don't think I will be disappointed.
Still no blackout edition option?? That's sad...
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'Plus one', what he said.
Brown scales, don't necessarily suit this model.

(As shown beneath), we'd be all over black-out if offered.
I guess they don't listen to potential customers... This is the THIRD or FOURTH drop since I asked them directly to get TOPS to sell them the blackout edition. They would sell a lot more... I guess they don't want to make money :)
Tops knives are great working knives! I’ve heard a lot people say that they don’t like Tops due to the steel type “1095” but tops has in my opinion the best 1095 on the market. Their differential heat treat they do is excellent, having owned several tops knives myself I highly recommend the company. My Tops “Prather War Bowie is a beast” One of my favorite outdoor blades.
I came across the C.U.T. 4.0 offered here on MD I was very intrigued. I checked out some reviews online and found out about the Blackout version which isn't offered here (the brown micarta is nice, but for this type I prefer concealment). Then after weighing the shipping time/costs on MD I found a 10% discount code for SMKW and it arrived at my door in 2 days. I highly recommend it.

The weight is perfect, the blade is razor sharp, the ring is a good size even for gloved hands, and the red liners are a really cool touch. The handle scales are comfortable in forward & reverse grip and its very easy to access the knife from any position in the outstanding multi-configurable kydex sheath. You can't really go wrong with either version though. This knife can serve dual roles as an on-duty backup or a backup to your primary bushcraft knife.

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If they bring in the blackout edition for under $90 (A bit less than SMKW) I'm in! :) I'm sure they would sell a ton if they did... Hope you read this MD!
Hey care to share that discount code? 🙂
Another drop that when you add shipping is only a couple bucks cheaper than ebay and Amazon retailers, with a month to a month and a half wait for delivery! I just don't get it! Now the Tops Wind Runner blackwash combo was a great deal! I got the small version for somewhere around $89 and the large version for only $80 more, so the combo was running $25-30 off cheaper than competitors price. Now there's a drop that got me running for my credit card, and worth the month and a half wait for delivery!
Anyone in Canada know how the law/LE views carrying this type of blade? (openly, or if an untucked shirt or jacket were covering it).
I was told that it is the officer’s discretion with fixed blades. Much depends on usage. An officer told me that they don’t like the ‘ring’ mostly because they associate the ring (wrongly) with ‘brass knuckles’, though you could punch with it... There is no such thing as carrying for ‘self-defence’ in Canada. ”Self-defensive” carry equates to ‘looking for trouble’ in the eyes of The Law. Do your best to convince them you have a valid use for this as a tool. Maybe you were cutting a lot of cardboard at work and the ring keeps your hand from slipping...? Best not to carry, especially concealed, and just collect it. On the other hand, in NS you are required to have tools for survival when in the wilderness and this is a license to carry whatever you feel is necessary in the woods. Ironically, (and stated a little differently) you have a DUTY to carry a knife when in the wilderness (just NOT concealed on your person). See, there are reasonable laws in Canada! I was carrying a rather large sheathed knife on my belt in the woods and when I was asked about it, I said something along the lines of, “Isn’t it my duty to carry tools for survival?” To which he replied, “Yes, that is correct...” (Why do police try to rattle us like that?) Always remember that a knife is foremost a tool. Cheers, Brother.
Thanks for the reply, appreciated.
No option for all black model?
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Thanks for the heads up guys but shipping to Canada with MD is much cheaper so prefer to give them the business.
Problem for Kiwi's is, Massdrop will ship for $6:

But after creating an account at SMKW one finds SMKW don't ship outside the US:
Nice design and a good price. I'm thinking real hard about this one.
While this is a good functional knife, you know some do gooder is going to complain why this is 'dangerous' or not an EDC. Unfortunately, I feel for anyone outside the US who will face this issue, including myself which is why I must sadly decline...
Oh well, maybe one day...
Just received mine and could not be happier. The blade is amazing and feels great in my hand.
Nice. How much was the drop for? Thanks
Total was $102.74