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TOPS Knives TAC-Raze Friction Folder Knife

TOPS Knives TAC-Raze Friction Folder Knife

Where's the price?
To negotiate the best possible price for our members, we must agree to hide our prices externally.

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I dunno if I'd risk putting my finger into that choil, either.
In the picture the sheeth appears to be vertical with no horizontal slits. Not that either seem secure with that tang sticking up or out.
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Look more closely, it can be carried both ways.
Oh wait. Yeah, I see it now.
Double layered back piece
Seems interesting.
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Unfortunately I kinda feel the same...
Been wanting to try a Tops knife for a while now, but don't think this is the one

Not sure about a horizontal sheath as worn in the pic with that whole tang? flipper? whatever sticking out

Can we get a reduced price without the sheath like they did on the spyderco drops? Lol

Edit: on a second look, viewing the larger pictures, that really is a disappointing looking piece of leatherworking. I'm guessing it doesn't actually add anything to the price here lol
And it's only a savings of $6 to wait a month instead of 2 days for shipping *shrugs*
agree. especially since the materials used aren't that high end either.
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