TOPS Wind Runner SRE Fixed Blade/Combosearch

TOPS Wind Runner SRE Fixed Blade/Combo

TOPS Wind Runner SRE Fixed Blade/Combo

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I'd rather buy just the XL. No use for the small one.
Hmmm, seems I misunderstood the Black River Wash?
I thought it was like a clear coat that allows the metal to show through, with the darker areas being related to the differential heat test.... but what I just got appears to be more of just a grey powder coating?
It's not bad, but not nearly as intriguing as some of the pics of the different blades with this finish

Overall I'm really impressed with these knives (bought the set).
They're beefy as all hell, very solid feeling, both came shaving sharp and oiled on the bare metal of the edges.

Complaints, i have a few, but they're minor:
-the finish, as i mentioned, isn't what I thought. But, for what it is, it looks well done. And I hear their coatings are some of the toughest around, so I'll leave it alone.
-the handles aren't perfectly flush with the metal. It's a very slight difference, but it's there if you look. Can feel it if you run your finger over it, but would never feel it in hand.
Only reason I even mention it is because of all the talk about handles being made by hand and custom fit on each knife in their promotional vids, but it's obvious the outer edges aren't re-shaped to be flush after being installed (to do so would sand through the finish on the metal)
-the combo sheath... First off, the individual sheaths fit the blades perfectly. Very snug, no fear of them falling out, but release well.
However, I don't like where the handles line up with the two sheaths attached together. The small handle drags along the large sheath when you pull it out. Both the sheath and handle already show minor wear spots from taking it in and out a couple dozen times. Also, with it so close, it's a little difficult to get any grip on the handle before drawing it.
I've tried relocating in a couple different configurations, but the spacing of the holes vary so much that there aren't many options.
I have an idea for a pivoting mount, but that will take some work to get done.

All in all.... Pretty sure I would've been disappointed with the value if I had only gotten the small blade, but for the price of the combo I'm satisfied 👍
No option for XL only?
Buy the set, resell the small one, get the XL super cheap 👍
(the dual sheath is just the 2 individual sheaths screwed together from what i'm seeing)

Edit: I agree though, seems like it would make more sense to offer all 3 options, or offer the xl and the combo as the add on... Especially considering the price of the addon currently seems a bit backwards lol
Also just watched this shop tour video :
After seeing how everything is done I'm definitely more intrigued.

Don't see myself going nuts collecting them for a few reasons:

1) I just don't really find myself needing these kind of knives very often
2) they are expensive, no denying it
3) many of the designs are still ridiculous in my eyes
But that said, I do want to have something of theirs in my collection now, specifically with the Black River wash that shows off the differential heat treatment, like this one has
(looks like this one gets hardened on the jimped spine area too)
Comparatively, this price seems pretty decent for getting 2 knives at close to (or less than) the same price of just 1 of their other knives that I would like

Edit : fixed video link.... And joined drop 😏

Let's get a few more and knock another fiver off?
Cheapest I'm seeing this elsewhere is about $210 for the pair
I just can't justify the price compared to the materials used. I'm always intrigued by the different Tops Knives, and they look to be good quality, but why would I spend nearly $100 for a neck knife when I could buy a KABAR B(east)K7 for less than $75? I use the BK7 for comparison since it's the same blade steel, comes from a well known brand with a long history of quality, and both are marketed as a survival knife.
Are there any folks on here with experience with Tops and other brands that could convince me this isn't a grossly overpriced knife?
I'm very much in the same boat

Just saw an interesting video discussing the cost of their knives (price talk starts at 03:30)
I didn't realize just how much on each of these knives are actually done by hand.

Including sheaths being individually made to each knife for the best fit, which surprised me the most
Plus differential heat treated
Would be nice if there was actually an included pic of the dual sheath here....

It's interesting, looks like it's the standard mini sheath just attached to the standard large sheath...meaning you could still separate them for individual carry, or for carrying both in different locations or to draw with different hands

Gotta admit, I'm intrigued by the smaller fixed blade....and at that point it would be silly not to add on the larger for less than the cost of the smaller, right?
Gonna need to think on this one for a bit

P. S.
Stop being so scared of recurves people lol
1) this one isn't THAT crazy of a curve
2) there's a million ways they can be sharpened, it's just one more skill to learn and practice (or get a Spyderco Sharpmaker then it's literally no different than doing any other knife)
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Not to mention the blade practically keeps itself in place when making things like feathersticks (or so I hear, have yet to make one myself), or just sharpening a round stick (which I have done lol)
More productive cuts and less slipping off the tip of the knife before reaching the tip of the stick 👍
Perfect! Who could ask for more; right?! 🎩😎
Do people actually go for TOPS knives? I've heard literally nothing about them ever, and they all look like a Mall Ninja's wet dream.
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Sure thing.
I've got one Tops and it's a Baghdad Bullet and it is BAD ASS. Seriously, fixed blade little bad ass of excellent quality,

I also love all 3 of my Zero Tolerance blades if that tells you anything. 350SWCF, 450CF, 456 w/20CV
Another Lilliputian knife from MassDrop. Why not offer the XL separately: it’s small enough but at least will fit a larger hand.
Old post, I know. But what knives do you use regularly? I'm genuinely curious what a person who thinks a 5.25 inch blade is "small enough" daily carries. Espada XL?
+ 80 bux for the XL???


I wanna be able to stab a whale through the heart with it.

but not at THAT price.....

Not sure I would get this, not enough things written on it.
What is the length of the cutting edge on both these blades?
Anyone know the purpose of the hole-slot-hole cutouts in the blade?
It's for VGA compatibility in case you have a monitor that doesn't support HDMI inputs.
Shame nobody seems to know. Could it have some use as a one setting range-finder? Usually range-finders have a tapered hole.