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Torque t096z IEM

Torque t096z IEM

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Six High-End IEMs in One

Luxury audio brand Torque has changed the game with its innovative t096z IEMs. Thanks to patented Passive Acoustic Valve Technology, these high-quality headphones can be easily configured to bring out the highlights of every genre—whether you’re listening to rock or classical, jazz or hip-hop. They come with six pairs of interchangeable, color-coded TorqueValves, labeled Reference, Deep, Clear, Balanced, Smooth, and Bliss. Each pair alters the frequency response to best suit the music you’re enjoying. For recommendations on which TorqueValve to use with each genre, see the chart below.

Torque t096z IEM
Torque t096z IEM
Torque t096z IEM
Torque t096z IEM
Torque t096z IEM

High-Quality Materials, Inside & Out

Torque’s proprietary 9-millimeter bio-cell membrane diaphragm transducers give the t096z its superior acoustics, while the machined brass housing reduces resonance. Oxygen-free copper conductors offer truly immersive sound, and the extra-long mylar-shielded metallic cable includes an inline mic for phone and voice commands. A selection of ear tips further customizes your experience: Choose from five pairs of ergonomic, passive-noise-reduction silicone ear tips in various sizes, or a pair of high-performance Comply S-200 memory-foam ear tips.

To learn more about the Torque t096z IEMs, check out this review.

Torque t096z IEM
Torque t096z IEM
Torque t096z IEM

TorqueValve Genre Recommendations

Torque t096z IEM


  • Torque
  • 9 mm bio-cell membrane diaphragm transducers
  • Brass housing
  • 6 color-coded TorqueValves
  • TorqueValet with built-in wrench
  • 4.6 ft (1.4 m) extra-long reinforced mylar shielded cable
  • Oxygen-free copper conductor
  • Right-angle ⅛ in (3.5 mm) stereo input
  • Inline iOS compatible remote
  • Microphone for phone and voice commands


  • Clamshell case
  • 5 pairs of silicone ear tips
  • 1 pair of Comply S-200 memory-foam ear tips
  • 2-year manufacturer warranty


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