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Tosso Outdoor Rollors Game

Tosso Outdoor Rollors Game

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Great for backyard cookouts and block parties, Rollors combines elements of bocce ball, horseshoes, and lawn bowling into one fun game that’s easy to learn (and easy to love). Each player gets three disks with point values ranging from 1 to 6 printed on both sides. Set your goals up 25 feet apart, and start rolling—the disk that lands closest to the goal gets the point value that’s showing. Rollors is best with two players, and works well on grass and sand.

Note: This drop is for the complete game which includes the carry case.

About the Game

Named Men’s Journal’s “Best Gear of 2014” and a NAPPA Toy Award winner in 2013, Rollors is the brainchild of military veteran Matt Butler, who invented the game while deployed with the Air Force in Afghanistan. During his downtime, he came up with the basic rules, sketches of the game pieces, and even plans on how to bring his game to market. When he returned to the US, he had a local woodworker create a few prototypes, and the rest is history.

Tosso Outdoor Rollors Game
Tosso Outdoor Rollors Game


  • Tosso


  • 2 pyramid goals
  • 3 disks with blue numbers
  • 3 disks with red numbers
  • Measuring cord
  • Instructions
  • Nylon carrying bag


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