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Transparent + Black Stabilizers Pack

Transparent + Black Stabilizers Pack

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Well, these suck. Would not recommend them. Spend a tiny bit more and get something better. Zeals are really good but expensive.
I originally had the black Cherry plate-mount stabilizer and went to replaced them with these stabilizers into a B.87 EX X2 PCB. They do not fit. They are TOO SHALLOW, meaning the expansion tab cannot extend down through the board. They are like 0.2 mm too shallow. If you press hard to get the stabilizer to lock, then they break because they are BRITTLE. I absolutely do not recommend these for the B.87 EX X2 and probably all other Winkeyless PCBs, too. Too brittle and too shallow.
can anyone link me a black colored pcb on massdrop?
I want 6u stabilizer! There are several pcb boards that support 6u spacebars but it is impossible to find 6u stabilizer !
At the end of the day, its always worth spending more on the zeal clear stabilizers which have no rattle to them
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If they're the same that I've tried they sit super thight in the keycap and I've managed to pull out two of them, so I now have to desolder my whole board since the switches are plate mounted.
The stabs I got from these a long tike ago rattle like crazy. Zeal stabs have no rattle along with genuine cherry ones
I think these and massdrop ones are the same, aren't they? Too bad they're out of stock, but I think the price says everything.
If these clear stabs are the same ones that I've tried I'm not sure that I would recommend them. They sit super tight in the keycaps and I've managed to pull out two of the stab stems while pulling my keys.
If you are planning to buy them I would suggest you first sand them a bit so that they don't sit so tight.
Again, buy these from ebay for cheaper price and faster shipping. I think I can pretty much get 2 sets and even have left over for this price.
Find some stabilizers, cool I think, I need some of those. Look at comments from last drop. Absolutely NO ONE is happy with these. Why re-drop?!
These transparent stabs aren't bad, it's just that they'll need you to hands on a little more lubing them and sanding the cross down a little. If you want some worry-free snap-on stabs take the black ones....
the worst stabilizers i ever had... do not buy!
I got the clear PCB mount Cherry stabs. I have no idea why anyone would make a super-rough moving surface on stabilizers. Would not buy again.
anyone wanna buy my 60% with gateron greens and these stabs from last round?

It's SUPER loud if that's what you're into.
exactly what board is it with what options?
I'd take it, looking for one.
happen to LOVE my gat greens.
As someone already said, the text says Plate-Mounted Costar stabilizers, while the pictures show plate-mounted Cherry style stabs. Please Massdrop, take some relevant pictures from anywhere. Don't give incoherent, misleading information.

Anyway, I requested this drop, but I didn't read the comments about quality before. After reading them, I've decided I'll stick to my usual sources.
I contacted support about the misleading images, apparently I didn't do a good enough job at it because I got an image back of the "Note: At checkout," box with the "or" highlighted.

I've sent a much clearer response, may have been a wast of time though -_-

I kept hearing good things about Massdrop, so I decided to sign up and bought some Gateron Switches.
After my two dealings with support (reporting the images, and asking a shipping question on the switches), I don't see what the hype with this site is.
It's just the only place to get a lot of cool stuff, sometimes that you can't get elsewhere. Massdrop the only sizeable organization that is willing to run group buys, taking on large amounts of risk. But they are definitely understaffed, don't give enough attention to individual buys, and tend to put out a lot of crap that isn't a good deal at all in with all the good deals. You also have to be careful about buying retail stuff. It's rarely much cheaper than Amazon though it takes months to ship. But, for the actual community run group buys, Massdrop is really great to have around. Like I said, they take on a lot of risk for us, and Massdrop is an entry point to group buying which allows you to 100% trust the entities running it as far as being competent, mostly efficient, and not running off with your money.