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Traser P59 Essential Quartz Watch

Traser P59 Essential Quartz Watch

Where's the price?
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Here is my Unboxing/mini review of this watch! Sorry for the accent :S

I got mine today in the mail! I am posting a quick unboxing video later, so far i dig it :D
The lume pic is pretty misleading, this is what it looks like on Trasers site

Anyone know what the lugs are like on these? Integrated? Can you swap out the bars?
Hmmmmmmmmm tempting.... did anyone get it, are you happy with it ? pleaser resond :D
I’m very happy with mine, it’s my first and daily carry watch.
It's a very solid watch, I like it a lot!
Is the crown of the watch is screw- down or push? 
Push, my only real gripe about the watch.
Is this the watch Taserface wears?
What is the band like on these? What's it made of?
Nylon with plastic buckles and loops.
This seems like a pretty good deal, I got the blue with leather band for $160 here, and i could not find it anywhere else for under $230. Looking forward to getting this watch! :D
That’s a damn good price, I paid $260 for the black (42mm) with nylon strap a few months ago (not on Massdrop).
Hello Massdrop! You might want to change the description of this product.....according to the Traser website, the numerals on these watches are not illuminated by tritium. According to the Traser website, only the hands and the dial markers at the 12, 3, 6 and 9 positions are illuminated by tritium, contrary to the description on your website. I believe the numerals are illuminated by Superluminova, but not tritium.