TravelMate Hair Clipper Kit w/ Black Matte Finishsearch

TravelMate Hair Clipper Kit w/ Black Matte Finish

TravelMate Hair Clipper Kit w/ Black Matte Finish

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Junk, Junk, Junk...I was all excited about getting this, Carbon Fiber. Well...what a 110% POS!! Held initial charge for 10 minutes and dropped to nothing. Recharged and it is now running at 1/2 speed! Looks cool as hell but is JUNK! Save your $$
I bought a green and white version of this from Coles. It was on clearance for 15 dollars. That was a waste of money. This will more likely be a bigger waste of money.
Can 100% recommend the Philips Norelco hair and body trimmer they sell at Costco (and Amazon). I've had the Trym II, which is the same as this but with a different name painted on and it's junk. Once the battery's shot, it'll last maybe five minutes of just pulling hairs. The Norelco is amazing and works while plugged in, so even if the battery goes eventually, it's no biggie. Hopefully this helps.
Really? Again? There so much terrible feedback, why do you keep listing this.
Maybe they have a shelf full of them and need the space.
I bought one of these in the previous drop. Can't say that this is a good product.
The cutting is not that good and my face get all red after using it.
Came here to see if battery type was mentioned. I don't buy any battery powered item without knowing what it is, and it usually better be Lithium. Anyway, after seeing the many obviously fake comments, I see no need to look further into battery type. I don't buy from dodgy sellers.
So I just spent the last 5 - 10 minutes going through the comment section and I am literally sitting here lol'ing to my self. The fact that a seller can get away with posting so many fake reviews within it's own product discussion and do it as blatantly as has been done below, is pretty sad. You would think if you're going to create numerous fake accounts and posts that you might at least try to not have them be so insanely similar to one another that they basically look like an outright copy and paste with just a few words changed lol.

Looking back, it seems as though there are shill posts that go back as far as a few weeks ago and I'm surprised that Massdrop has not completely removed this sellers drop(s?).

Oh yeah and I gotta give props and a shout out to my man Micky99 for going through and calling out this sad and pathetic behavior on almost every single shill post below LOL!
Appreciate the shout out. Saw this crap going down and thought to myself, "do they really think we're that dumb?". Had to do the right thing for my fellow Massdroppers.
Right now I'm kinda questioning the credibility of these drops. How many drops are cheap generic items that are rebranded, with a BS story and a couple of professional photographs? I found those $15 man bracelets selling for $0.70-$2 on Aliexpress. Makes you wonder.
Keep on stiffin'
I like how MassDrop sneakily changed the name of this from "TravelMate Hair Clipper Kit w/ Carbon Fiber Finish" to "TravelMate Hair Clipper Kit w/ Black Matte Finish" since these were never carbon fiber to begin with. I ordered this on the last drop and it was all black matte finish. Even the URL of this drop is still "travelmate-carbon-fiber-finish-hair-clipper-kit'
There are a bunch of newly created fake accounts commenting on can tell by the poor "Engrish" and they're all named Etsy Schwartz???
$15 at TJ maxx
Honestly the only thing I use this for is man-scaping, and for that purpose it works just fine. Otherwise I shave using a Rockwell S6, so I can't speak to how well it works on the face.

Be aware, however, that this thing is only $28.99 on Amazon, so you can either save a measly $3 by waiting 30+ days to receive it, or pay the extra $3 and have it on your doorstep in 2 days.
This is a very lazy rebranding of the TRYM II. I bought one a year or so ago and it is not good at all (my Amazon review linked).

If your primary concern with something that has blades and touches your face is that it looks sleek, then buy away. But if you at all care about the cut it delivers (below average) or how it treats your skin (roughly) or how long it will last (not very, as after 3-6 months of using it you'll have to keep a finger on the head unless you want it to fall off into the sink/toilet) then I'd stay away.

It is actually very weird. I checked out the amazon page for the TravelMate and there is even a picture comparing it to the TRYM II. I don't know if its trying to defend that it is a different product or what, but it is strange.
I agree. Mines in the back of the cabinet collecting dust
Very elegant product. It's good. It's nice. It looks like "style" next to the sink and has kept my beard inline for about 2 months or so. The blades never jam and don't pinch my skin. The size is perfect and the guards still fit the way they should. It's more quality product to help men feel like "men" again...not some "unisex" junk built for women shoppers.
Fake comment. Seller is basically shill bidding his own product and has an army of fake profiles to comment and upvote.
I've purchased many trimmers in my time, but this is the best trimmer, EVER!! First off, it is so sleek and beautifully designed, it looks great on my bathroom counter. It doesn't take up much space, and unlike many of these types of trimmers, it does come with a nice case, to hold the attachments. At first I thought, where would I keep the attachments? Looking at it sitting there so beautiful, I thought; Just put the attachments in the medicine cabinet! Voila! That's French, for how about that!! I could go on, but I'll just say; Try it, you'll love it!
Fake comment. Seller is basically shill bidding his own product and has an army of fake profiles to comment and upvote.
Well I needed a new trimmer in the worst way. I have tried some really expensive ones & sort of "gave up" on caring about the pain factor. I do attempt to maintain my clippers with brushes, oils, & even full disassembles. Nothing really shaved like I wanted it too. Soooo... I jumped on Massdrop, found one of the sleekest products at what I consider to be a cheap price.
From the design (I mean it looks great but that's not why I bought it...) to the execution, this trimmer has it all. It shaved VERY well. I had a fairly nice beard going & it chopped through it like it was a Katana to a stick of butter.... Ok I never tried that but I am sure it's close to the same.
All jokes a side.... At this price.... You wont be sorry.
Fake comment. Seller is basically shill bidding his own product and has an army of fake profiles to comment and upvote.