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Can we get the Traxxas 1/16 brushless vxl tsm e-revo at
$250 that a would be a dope drop?!
Im not new to traxxas stuff ive wanted a mini summit for a while now. Everything is more expensive is aus what you might pay 300 for in the us it would cost 500 or more for in aus this applies to almoat everything i refer to it as the austtalia tax and ordering online isnt much better due to the exchange rate and shipping costs massdrop seem to be the only place i can get stuff from that prices are reasonable sometimes. The slash they had was significantly cheaper than i could find it anywhere here.
In australia i cant seem to get one for much less than around 600 soo looks like a deal to me might get me one
If you're new to RC -or- Traxxas make sure you know what you're looking at. Usually it's the 1/10 models are $600-ish... but this is a 1/16 model, so it's a Mini-Summit... and they're A LOT smaller and A LOT less capable RC (they've got problems getting through the taller grass in the yard)
If you're not new to Traxxas, and they just cost more in Australia thaaan... I'm sure I sound like a douchebag right now LoL
-just trying to help though :-)
with a drop based on shotty info these wont sell a thing. Whoever created the original vote for this must've got the data wrong. If this was the full size summit there would already be 50 sold and i would've been 51.
Yeah Tower Hobbies has these for $302 shipped. Use the current discount code to get $33 off orders over $299. They also currently have free shipping on orders over $49. ($335 - $33 = $302)
I was excited for a second when I saw the msrp because I figured it was for the 1/10th model. Instead they just pulled a number out their ass for the 1/16th
Yeah, my local hobby shop has these and the mini revo vxl for $279
I haven't seen any really good drops in the RC community yet. Except for that Tekno, but I don't know anything about their prices. I just see a lot of people on here saying its a good deal and a high quality RC
The castle SCT combo was a good price.
MSRP on RCs is always much higher than retail.
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i just think that massdrop is known for getting great group buys on products.. they do this by basing their discount on real numbers. I understand now that $615 may be msrp, but its not a realistic number when you can go purchase one from traxxas at $350 and many other places for a tad over $300. I feel like when the person that set up the drop from the supplier had they known the going realistic price, they could have potentially negotiated a better price for this rig. Its more of an aggravating thing to me, wondering if whomever originally did the vote shot us all in the foot by doing this.
I agree that the percentage of the discount should be off of what the common price is for the item, some stuff in RC actually follows the MSRP so those are easy, but with kits/RTRs its tough because of the range of prices out there.

When I see a "discount" price on a kit or RTR anywhere I take it with a grain of salt, maybe they can do something to fix that for this site at least.
Does not have a retail of $615. Not even close.
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