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Treblab J1 IPX6 Bluetooth Earbuds

Treblab J1 IPX6 Bluetooth Earbuds

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I love these earphones. at first the audio sucked. but some tuning fixed that and they are now the perfect earphones. However that all changed when after a few weeks the left earphone stopped working, Treblab please explain. I am no longer happy with my earphones.
Are there any blinking lights on these during operation?
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Yes, it's normal for Bluetooth earbuds to indicate the pairing or playing mode.
Yes, there is a very small blue light that blinks every 5-6 seconds.
I got these on Amazon with deal of the day price, 29.99 usd. Listen to it for 3 minutes, boxed them and return it to Amazon. Horrible sound, they tried too hard to make the bass goes deep. Well, it is deep indeed, but not the smooth kind, it hurts my ears when i listen to it.
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Thank you for your update.

Sorry to know that you were not happy with TREBLAB earbuds.

We are always looking for ways to improve our products, and I hope you will give us another chance in the future :)
I will try to fix the problem before I take any action next time. I really appreciate your reply to my comment, which shows great customer service. I will still look into your product next time if I am looking for something in that category.
What are the J-shaped pieces that surround the earbud to stabilize it in the ear made of? Hard plastic or is it a flexible silicone-like piece? It looks like plastic? Seems like that may get uncomfortable if so.
The earhooks made of plastic, not silicon. Quite comfortable.
Soft plastic
What makes it expensive? It is common in spec and appearance.
It's 36$. I wouldn't call that expensive.
No international shipping .......................................................
Yeah, i just discovered that too. Too bad, theyre missing out on customers
Do these charge with external battery's? I have these and an anker external battery and the headphones I have don't charge when connected to the battery but pc or ac charging is fine.
Love these! Best pair of wireless ear buds I've owned. I've had mine for a few weeks. Wear them working out; on the train to the city; sitting by the pool at the club. Great battery life. Never an issue with connectivity. Great sound. Works great for phone calls too!
Got mine today, right on my birthday! Ordered them on 9th June got them 3 weeks after that! Thank you Massdrop and Treblab. Thy feel really great. Had some trouble in finding out the right size earbuds, but after that its just pure music quality! 5 stars from my side.
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Only Massdrop can answer this question. Hope soon.
They're back.
Is there a warranty on these earbuds?
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my experience is only one working earphone
I had the same problem. They replaced them with a new pair, that had the same problem right out of the box!!! So far Treblab is 0 for 2. I'm not very happy with the product. On the bright side, their customer service was top notch! At least up to this point. I'll keep you all posted on how it turns out from this point on.