TREDAGAIN Hawthorne Suede Mid-Top Sneakersearch

TREDAGAIN Hawthorne Suede Mid-Top Sneaker

TREDAGAIN Hawthorne Suede Mid-Top Sneaker

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Soft Suede & APX Upcycled Rubber Tread

Austin, Texas–based TREDAGAIN™ is on a mission: make great-looking, great-feeling shoes and sandals, all while minimizing our environmental footprint. With the Hawthorne mid-top, the company has certainly succeeded. Designed to be the softest sneaker boot you’ll ever wear, it features a relaxed suede upper in your choice of colors. For all-day, day-after-day comfort, the midsole is comprised of an EVA-filled cupsole with a removable, injection-molded footbed. The gum rubber sidewall is paired with the company's signature APX upcycled rubber tread. With APX, a high-quality raw equivalent, the company is able to convert used tires into outsoles through a clean, sustainable process.

Note: At checkout, you’ll have your choice of color (black, chocolate, or olive) and size (US men’s 9–13).

TREDAGAIN Hawthorne Suede Mid-Top Sneaker
TREDAGAIN Hawthorne Suede Mid-Top Sneaker
TREDAGAIN Hawthorne Suede Mid-Top Sneaker
TREDAGAIN Hawthorne Suede Mid-Top Sneaker
TREDAGAIN Hawthorne Suede Mid-Top Sneaker
TREDAGAIN Hawthorne Suede Mid-Top Sneaker

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  • Mid-top style
  • Suede upper
  • EVA-filled cupsole with removable, injection-molded footbed
  • Gum rubber sidewall
  • APX upcycled rubber tread sole
  • Made in Mexico


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Recent Activity

I regret not checking back on others impressions sooner because it seems that lackluster reception is fairly close to mine as well. First off, these aren't exactly true to fit, the fit varies from alright in some spots to completely wrong in others, especially in the heel. I actually wear duoderms (medical grade, waterproof adhesive bandage that last a week easily) and two pairs of socks when I wear these now, otherwise they're hell on your heels. I wore them during my work day (7 AM to 5 PM) for the first long session and came home with serious discomfort only to find that these had chewed (read chewed, not blistered) through my heels enough that I bled through two pairs of socks and into the heel of the shoe. While it cleaned fairly easily I also found that the suede does not love water and found it actively rubbing off and fraying from walking in rain/snow over time. The interior of the shoe is also not super great-- very little arch support, or any support anywhere to be frank. I understand this is more difficult with the full suede materials, but this may be a serious consideration for anyone looking at these who has high arches or other foot ergonomic concerns. Beyond that, the sole is alright, but is clearly glued rather than stitched and is overall unextraordinary. It's absolutely impossible to get on without loosening each lace significantly and the laces feel pretty cheap overall. The loops for tightening seem like they're slightly too small and the laces get screwy over time if you're not careful. I also had the patch on the tongue of the shoe rip off partially within my first two times wearing them due to how the laces tighten on the seam. In my opinion, these shoes are good for only a few things. The recycled bottom is nice and thick and seems durable and the actual aesthetic of the shoe. Everything else is either barely average at best or absolutely awful at worst. I knowingly took a chance on these shoes because they look great and I like supporting up and coming businesses. However, I am completely confident in my recommendation to not buy these shoes or any other products from TredAgain until the QC and QA of their products is demonstrably improved.