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Truly Ergonomic Keyboard Model 227

Truly Ergonomic Keyboard Model 227

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Ergonomic Keyboard

A first class keyboard built for an exceptionally comfortable typing experience, the Truly Ergonomic Keyboard Model 227 deviates from the standard design to better suit your body’s natural position. Instead of the normal rows of staggered keys, the next generation Truly Ergonomic Keyboard features a linear, non-staggered, split-symmetric columnar key arrangement that aligns to your body instead of the other way around.

Truly Ergonomic Keyboard Model 227

he Next Generation of the Truly Ergonomic keyboard is manufactured with the Next Generation of Kailh mechanical switches. You can read more information about Kailh switches at the Truly Ergonomic FAQ. This drop is for the Truly Ergonomic Keyboard Model 227 with Next Generation Brown Kailh switches.

If you would like to read more details about this keyboard, you can check out the Truly Ergonomic Keyboard Website

Physical Benefits

Built for maximum comfort and productivity, the Truly Ergonomic Keyboard helps reduce pain and the risk of work-related injuries like CTS, RSI, and tendonitis. By following the symmetric shape and neutral position of the human body, the Truly Ergonomic Keyboard promotes healthier posture to eliminate strains and boost your performance. For an added bonus, the layout typically leads to more efficient typing once you get over the short learning curve.

Truly Ergonomic Keyboard Model 227

Final Touches

To round out the ergonomic design, the Truly Ergonomic Keyboard removes your typical numpad to allow the mouse to be closer to your keyboard. For additional support, the Truly Ergonomic Keyboard includes a removable cushioned palmrest. Also outfitted with Kailh mechanical switches, dedicated multimedia keys, full N-key rollover (6-KRO by USB specifications), and dip switches that allow full programmability, the Truly Ergonomic Keyboard entirely enhances your typing experience.

Truly Ergonomic Keyboard Model 227
Truly Ergonomic Keyboard Model 227
Truly Ergonomic Keyboard Model 227
Truly Ergonomic Keyboard Model 227


  • Truly Ergonomic
  • Model 227
  • Split-symmetric columnar key arrangement
  • Gold-plated Kailh mechanical switches rated for over 60 million keystrokes
  • Removable cushioned palmrest
  • Linear non-staggered numpad
  • Dedicated multimedia keys
  • Fully programmable
  • Full N-key rollover
  • Compatible with Windows, OS X, and Linux
  • Removable and cushioned palmrest
  • With palmrest: 12.9 x 9.2 in (330 x 235 cm)
  • Without palmrest: 12.8 x 6.7 in (325 x 170 cm)
  • 2.6 lbs (1.2 kg)


  • 1-year limited guarantee
  • 6.0 ft (183 cm) USB cable
  • Dust cover


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Estimated ship date is Mar 27, 2015 PT.

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