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Truly Ergonomic Keyboard Model 227

Truly Ergonomic Keyboard Model 227

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I love this, but i just bought codekeyboard.
Today my mother was diagnosed with carpal tunnel because of her prolonged work as a secretary. I was hopping to find an ergonomic keyboard that could help her out, and as we know mechanical keyboards are pretty durable but worth it. Do you guys think this might be a good choice? If so I hope a drop comes out before her birthday so I can surprise her with it.
Always wanted to get your hands on a Truly Ergonomic keyboard at a reduced price? TE is now offering Certified Refurbished keyboards:
I recently got an older model with MX switches, and although the build quality of the hardware is really excellent, I did have firmware problems with key debouncing. I seem to have fixed it by customizing the firmware with a 15ms debounce time, but it's still a fail that these guys haven't fixed the issue in the latest generation. If it weren't for these issues and the customer support sucking, the keyboard would easily be worth the asking price.
There was a post on Geekhack from someone who bought a 227 in ~Oct 2014 and still had key debouncing problems. I can't believe they haven't managed to fix this yet.
I have model 229 and have used it at home for a few months now. I think it's great and I'd love to get a 227 for work.

I don't see any difference with the Kailh brown switches and the Cherry MX browns I've had before. My keyboard works just fine.

These guys have a section on their site explaining why they changed suppliers:

Specifically, I want to point this out: "we want to mention that the switch cost difference in the volume we purchase is insignificant compared to the overall product cost."
$239 is just too expensive for Kailh switches. If you're making a high quality keyboard, finish it off with some high quality switches.
Agreed. This is extremely overpriced.
I'm surprised it took this long to get a TEK drop. Glad to see it finally happen.

I'll give you my 2 cents worth, having typed on a model 209 now for a year and a half. I got mine on ebay used at the time, so don't have direct experience with the company itself:

1. I have experienced the double tapping issues, but using their own instructions on changing some settings in the firmware, I was able to make that go away. So, that issue can come up, but it seems to be surmountable.

2. This model has changed the layout from the previous version, and unfortunately that changed the TAB key to the DASH-UNDERLINE key right in the middle between DEL and BACKSPACE. I was using the online configurator to update some key assignments a few months ago when to my surprise, they no longer even had a baseline file for my model anymore to start from! I think this says something about their support, as in "that's an old model, so screw it". Once again, not insurmountable, just an annoying detail. To me, the TAB key in the middle where it can be hit by both hands is great. But I can see how programmers and folks who use Underlines and dashes a lot might like the newer layout. Note that that is a custom, non-swappable keycap, though. It would nice if they offered up some blank keycaps or different printing options for the funky shaped ones in the middle to support the programmability.

3. In previous versions, TEK was strongly suggestive about selling their suggested, and default, position for the SHIFT keys, which is at the end of the home rows (look at the current pics and swap the CTRL keys for SHIFT keys). This little bit of key-swappery was very hard to get used to, but I bought the line and retrained my hands. I'll admit, once you get used to this positioning, you realize that it does make a lot more sense for the hands, as you realize how much hand twisting and reaching you actually do to hit the SHIFT buttons on the bottom row. But in spite of their adamant "we are right about this, so trust us" attitude back then, they have obviously caved to the opinions of the masses and moved the default SHIFT positions back to the lower row. Once again, the keyboard is re-configurable, and these keycaps are interchangeable, so not a big deal, except that it is easy to miss this little detail in the configurator program.

4. The enter key location takes quite a bit of getting used to, as I have to actually stretch/move my hand to get my thumbs to reach it (I have pretty small hands). Two, configurable (or more) keys located in a location more along the lines of the thumb cluster on the Ergodox would have made a whole lot of sense.

So, in spite of the issues I have with the attitudes of the company (which from launch was "we are right and this is THE keyboard everyone should use") and the apparent lack of customer support, I thoroughly like my TEK keyboard. It has ruined my ability to type on a "normal" keyboard, though. The cherry MX browns are nice to type on. The feel is solid. It is much more portable than an Ergodox. It has Function keys. This keyboard gets a lot of stuff "right" and a lot of stuff "almost right". But in the world of ergo-keyboards, individual user needs play a very big part, and I honestly don't think there is one "right" keyboard that fits everyone. I will say that if you like the layout and configurability, give it a try. Last I checked, they still had a 60 day money back guarantee.

I'm anxiously awaiting the Axios (from Acidfire on Geekhack) or the launch, however, for my next keyboard.
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You are wrong in this case. They receive hate because they shipped a faulty product, did not deliver additional features as promised, and have abysmal customer service.
"most people have never done a fair assessment of different switch types"

Most people can't afford a fair assessment of different switch types. Switch testers only hint at what it'll feel like to actually type on a given switch.
Too bad, I really like the design and was thinking about this keyboard from time to time but reading all this… at this price, it's clearly unacceptable.
Well the number of sells here says almost everything, the company behind this keyboard is not reliable at all.

I'll pass.

I received my TEK yesterday, and wanted to share some impressions.

I had always been in the mood for a 60% keyboard, but being a lover of mmo’s, the need for a dedicated f-row was always in the way of buying one. I don’t type 10 fingers; have my own style better than 2 fingers but worse than pros.

Initial thoughts, this keyboard is tiny and quite heavy regarding the size. Of course I knew that from pictures, but reality is always something else. The usb cable is ok, I’ve seen worse, but although many being better. The palm rest won’t be used by me, don’t like or use them.

Further thoughts, the keycaps are fine regarding thickness, but the printing is something I don’t like, the lettering can be easily felt, can’t tell, how long the lettering might last. For a price tag like this it shouldn’t be a problem to include at least some blank modifier caps, especially regarding the nowhere to get unusual sizes.
To be fair it is a common problem to get nice caps on other keyboards too, at least here in Germany. But the unusual size makes it even worse!

The switches, wow, a real pleasure to type with. Smooth and not being scratchy at all. For comparison I’ve a Coolermaster with cherry browns and used keys I hardly have used on my htpc.

The lesser wobble is true, if this could be measured at all, I would say about 50 percent less than cherry switches.

A mate here told me the switches are supposed to be smooth and not scratchy, because they’re lubed. My answer had been, that I don’t care about brands, for me it’s the result that counts, and I can’t see any reason that other companies, selling cherry based mechas for high prices, are hindered to provide me a more pleasing typing experience.

The “flatness” of the case. I don’t like it that flat and have raised the back a bit for my liking. I do understand the mantra of being ergonomic, the matrix layout etc., but you’ve been smart enough to decide to let me detach the palm rest if I want, so let me decide the angle of the case, too, and some adjustable feet won’t do any harm.

The layout, I’m mistyping like hell, but I like it very much so far. I’ve used the layout designer for my own positioning of the modifiers and have get to used to that, a few more days might help.
The designer works like a charm and is very easy to use and right now I can’t imagine anything you can’t get.

Inspired by one handed keyboards I made a setup for left-handed typing only, therefore I moved the right side of the keyboard to the left side at the num-layer and assigned a second numlock-key to the left bottom side. Works like a charm.
Note: The black mods don’t show my actual setup, but 2u blanks from the new keyshop from pimpmykeyboard are on the way:

So far I’m very pleased and time has to tell if problems might occur. But I do have 2 years support from my local vendor, who won’t let me down if needed.

Is it perfect, no, I like clears more than browns, I admire the look of floating keys a lot more. After the 30 days of the return time I’ll plastidip the case and the 4 middle modifiercaps gunmetal gray for a more pleasing visual experience for me.

It might not be a smart idea to rotate on women/men on daily basis, but I haven’t heard about jealous keyboards yet and it’s nowhere written, that we can’t have more than one or two … mechas :-)

Feel free to disagree, but except my point of view too.


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It means it looks good / cool / awesome. Thanks for taking the time to write all those details, especially about the new switches!
You're welcome and ty for your explanation!
I've had one of these for about a year. Took a while to learn the muscle memory to type properly on it, but now I can pretty quickly adapt to and from this and a standard keyboard.
I run into double taps on keys reasonably regularly, pretty much solely on the number key row, maybe even once per day. It was annoying at first, but the hassle of shipping it back from NZ wasn't worth it, and I'm used to it now.
I have one with blue keys, which annoyed everyone at my office, so I bought some o-rings which drastically lowered the noise.

Those little things aside, fantastic keyboard. I recommend it.
I own (and am typing this on) one of these keyboards and LOVE it. I haven't had any problems with it or had any customer support issues. I have had it for a few months (the IT department got it for me at my request sometime late last year) and have used it on both Mac and PC without issues. I'm going to buy another one for home so that I can stop hauling this one back and forth. I hope this helps. The only thing I am waiting for is Truly Ergonomic to sell a blank key cap set so that I can swap some of the caps for keys that I have reprogrammed.
Man, the horror stories about customer support is enough to scare me from buying it.

To be honest it looks pretty good otherwise.
It would be nice to know how many units they've sold vs how many have needed customer support. Otherwise we don't know how many folks got their devices and lived happily ever after. I'm hoping they've ironed out any key switch and firmware issues by now. I've bought 6 other ergonomic devices in my life from different companies (including one for a keyless keyboard) and have never had to ask customer support for help on something that was broken.
I just committed at the lowest price. :o) I might be willing to purchase even if it doesn't get to the bottom. The layout makes sense to me and I think it will be good for my arms. I don't see another option out there that is mechanical, ready-to-go (vs something I need to solder), in one piece, columnar, and as compact, but still with a split layout.

On the Kailh switches, the TEK website does mention that they are next-gen and so a lot of the older negative comments about Kailh quality on the interwebs are about other switches, not these.

Is there some risk in this purchase? Admittedly yes, but my thinking is this: my money exists to serve me not the other way around. I'd rather give my arms a chance to find something they like and benefit from instead of protecting my money as if it were my lifeblood. This amount of money isn't going to make a difference in whether I can pay my bills or retire or whatever. This keyboard could do me a lot of good. I wants it. Money, go get it.