TT Core X5 Tempered Glass Snow Edition Cube Chassissearch

TT Core X5 Tempered Glass Snow Edition Cube Chassis

TT Core X5 Tempered Glass Snow Edition Cube Chassis

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FYI MeanIt 4PM is a nice cube alternative if you aren't crazy about this one. Crazy thick glass on all sides, good layout. I posted this heads up whatever the dual loop massive box is (Thermaltake?), plenty of people came back with positive words so its definitely worth a look.
Is this just the case?like are they just selling tithe case?
This is just a thumbs up for any case that orients GPUs so that they won't sag. Rotating the mainboard so that the "back" is at the top of the case also accomplishes that, but then cables have to be routed out the top. Desktop space permitting, this is the very best type of case layout for a system that will include any heavy GPU(s).

If I didn't already have a Lian-Li PC-V33 for my games rig, I'd be looking *hard* at this case for $50 less.
So this is selling for 139 on Newegg with free shipping.

Am I wrong here?
it's definitely not free shipping ($16.01) - but with free shoprunner yes

regardless it looks like it's a lot cheaper on newegg

I was going to buy it but I don't get paid until the 18th
i ended up getting it
I bought the black version with plastic panel and really poor QC for 15 dollars more than this years ago. As long as they resolved the QC and include all the nuts/straight panels for you I would jump on this. Probably the most accessible horizontal mb tray for large components/sli. Not exactly a beauty though.
what is QC?
quality control, sorry
White the only color or is Black available?
"snow edition"

i'm going with no.
the black one is on sale on neweggs at the moment.
Big difference in price vs other outlets, very tempted to get this......
Sweet MassDrop You managed to match Amazons price for this case... I guess nevermind the prime shipping worldwide, but atleast your not charging more like so many drops lately...
it costs 179,99€ for me and (I kid you not) 200€ shipping to germany. So this drop makes a lot of sense for me.
Good call, easy to forget how not "world wide" the web can be sometimes. Also very cool to see Massdrop be a better shipping price on something for people outside the US.
Looks great. Doesn't ship to Canada. Ah well; get 'em next time, tiger.
I just can't give my money to thermaltake. every last one of their cases is copied...
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Same price on Amazon and pretty sure they ship to canada.
The HAF XB is a great case. But definitely not pretty like this one.