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TT Pacific DIY CPU Water Cooling Kits

TT Pacific DIY CPU Water Cooling Kits

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Alongwith being a bad product in itself, it is available for cheaper on Amazon with International Shipping, so do not know which category of people should be interested in this.
That is not someone who does not buy. Water cooling is dangerous?
According to thermaltake their radiators use zinc coated aluminum specifically to minimize corrosion. I'm no chemist but I imagine it's in their best interest to make a loop that doesn't corrode after months, that being said I would use their loop liquid or blend to be safe, sadly none of these kits are going to work on my build
Any kind of coating wears out, and there's no guarantee that's 100% perfect - there's simply no way to make sure that coating covers all of aluminum, and if there's even just a little bit of it exposed, it'll start galvanic reaction, corroding the rad.

The point is: it's a huge risk. Why would you take it with expensive computer components next to water? Even a small leak can wreak havoc in your system. When watercooling, you gotta be extremely judicious in choosing watercooling equipment, and mixing aluminum with copper is not it.
Thank you. Massdrop. just in time. I collect a new system unit. The processor will be Intel Core i7-6800K. Body think take TT View 31 TG RGB.
How do you think cooling Pacific RL240 (CL-W128-CA12RE-A) enough?
My biggest problem with this product is the aluminum radiator. When will tt realize that only the uninformed want aluminum. Another reason not to get from this company is for almost the same amount of money you can get much higher quality kits from many other companies.
"When will tt realize that only the uninformed want aluminum. "

That's exactly who they're trying to sell to with these products.
I think MD had a EK drop at some point in the past, they should do that again, particularly EK is coming out with new modular watercooling line, it's should be much easier for newbies, pretty much preassembled/prefilled with QDCs (quick disconnects) and ready to go, almost like an AIO but with much better quality components. This one, I'm not so sure.

EDIT: found the previous drop, it's been a while, hopefully MD will be able to renegotiate and drop it again

Obligatory, "Don't buy ThermalTake water cooling products." comment.

That radiator is aluminum by the way. That should be in the specs page and it isn't. I'd speculate that it was left out on purpose. As far I know they're the only PC water cooling company that still tries to get away with selling aluminium radiators.
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Uhm, rad is a pretty expensive part of the kit, if you going to buy the kit with intention to replace the rad, you might just forgo the entire kit and get the parts elsewhere in the first place. Might even save some money in the process.
As others have stated, mixing metals in a custom water loop will almost always lead to corrosion. You would probably need to drain the loop more often in order to avoid or minimize corrosion, even when using coolants with anti-corrosive addtives like EK's EKoolant or the liquid TT includes.

Aquacomputer is a respected watercooling component manufacturer and they sell radiators with aluminum fins, but the tubes that carry the liquid into the radiator are made of copper, so metals don't mix in those models. I believe TT's radiators in these kits are all aluminum, fins and tubes.
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