TT Riing Plus Premium LED RGB Radiator Fans (3pack)search

TT Riing Plus Premium LED RGB Radiator Fans (3pack)

TT Riing Plus Premium LED RGB Radiator Fans (3pack)

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Get Corsair RGB fans they look better and the hub is tin compared to most other companies as they just make it the size of a 2.5“ drive

ALSO Corsair will release their new “Sync It” software late next month
I have Corsair K70 RGB Rapidfire with M65 Pro RGB and MM1000 RGB Polaris and aI got the OG Void Wireless on discount (the store had incorrectly priced it as it cost 50% more online at the time even the checkouts had the correct price and the cashier MANUALLY reduced the price after I told him he overcharged me
I have these fans and there pure junk. The software refuses to work correctly under Windows 10 or Windows 7. The actual construction of these fans are cheap(Everything ThermalTake makes is cheap these days). Finally Thermaltake support just ignores you when you contact them for RMA or help for there products. Once they get your money they don't care what happens.
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Honestly, if I was still in the refund period for all of my stuff, I would send it back and go with Corsair. I want their LL series. I know it would cost me $100 more for the same amount of fans, but they just look so much better. Much smoother lighting transitions and disbursement. I know the SP and HD outperformed the Riing plus ones, so I'm sure the LLs would as well.

The MLs are definitely good performers.

Hopefully the next time I'm looking to get some RGB fans most of the manufacturers are working off compatible standards and the prices are much lower.
ML Pro's are currently one of the top Radiator fans, There also deadly silent Due to Mag Levi technology. I know they just released RGB fans for ML Pro recently.

Biggest issue with all these RGB fans is different echo systems for each brand or RGB type lighting. InWin is the only Brand with high quality fans that plug directly into Motherboard RGB header.
If you have the Ryzen pass on this, their software is crap and it does't work with Ryzen. I bought the last drop 5 pack in they are useless now.
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No, I am from Serbia. Perhaps I will submit it again just in case.
Just make sure you're filling the European form, not the American.
Or just mail us directly -
This way you will reach me personally. But please, do not mention this discussion on Massdrop, since I am writing this in my private time and from my private account.
Are these sp or airflow fans?
They are good SP and good for radiators.
They are high static pressure fans.
Compatible w/ aura?
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No, Very few fans actually work with RGB headers. There only three I know of that work(XS-PC, CoolerMaster and InWin). InWin are the best if your willing to pay the price, There some best constructed fans you can buy.
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