TT Toughpower XT 80 Plus Platinum PFC Power Supplysearch

TT Toughpower XT 80 Plus Platinum PFC Power Supply

TT Toughpower XT 80 Plus Platinum PFC Power Supply

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No point in buying this with the new Seasonic PRIME Titanium at this price point.
I have a msi z270 mb i7 6700k 64 gb ram
2 nVidia 1080ti's running sli
All on water cooling and over clocked
And it peaks at 850 watts which was my old power supply limit so I upgraded to 1000 watt power supply to have a little more reserve power
Do not buy this brand of power supply i bought it nearly fried all my components after failure within the one year mark
Get the word out thermalfake
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Wow you sound like your trying to insult me. I have a UPS for my system. After the incident occurred the power supply didn't power up ever again. (note this happened within a year of purchase) And then it took me 2 hours of sitting on ThermalFAKE's holding line to try to even get a hold of anyone. After i got someone and asked for a replacement they hung up on me. The fact is they are a scumbag company that cheeps out on the products they produce.
I did not mean to insult you, and if I did I apologize. That said, TT does not make PSU's. They simply re-brand other companies' products. I do not doubt you had terrible customer service, and that is a useful comment, but the PSU itself was make by an actual manufacturer. This is also the case for Corsair, Cooler Master, Antec, and many other enthusiast computer parts manufacturers with respect to power supplies. A Great Wall model XYZ is the same whether it is branded TT, Corsair, EVGA or Billy Bob's Computer Super Center.

With regards to Thermaltake being a scumbag company, you may be correct. That is a useful comment with an explanation of your experience. Thermaltake is nothing more than a reseller of PSU's, so their only value added comes from customer service and the pretty case aesthetics.
The last time I wanted to buy but did not have enough people. Can this time buy 1475
A tier-3 PSU, poor quality. Wouldn't support Thermaltake regardless. They're known design thieves. Take most of their designs from higher end brands, and knock them off with cheaper parts.
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Okay then, if you have anything worth adding to this then I'd suggest you do it now. IF it's hypocritical for me to trust JonnyGuru( and comparisons vs other reviews) over some random tier list then so be it. But nothing I've said here has been false or based on anything but objective facts.

But stop spreading miss-information about "Taking Designs"( Licensing OEM platforms) and "Poor Quality parts"( Decent to good build quality and mid range capacitors, bad cabling for the price) when neither of those are true. At best you are an ignorgant consumer, and at worse you are maliciously spreading false info.
Thermaltake does not design PSU's. Just like Corsair, Antec, Cooler Master,...., they BUY other companies' PSU's and re-brand them. Seasonic, Enermax, FSP, Delta, Great Wall,...., those companies actually make PSU's. Thermaltake makes a full suite of PSU's from crap to wonderful, just like every other brand. Some silly, pointless list is not an intelligent source to quote. SoSpecial's Jonny Guru review is a proper source.
To achieve the mentioned level of efficiency the usage should be in the range of optimal load for this device. That would probably be around 700w or more. It is hard to score that besides using two graphics cards at full load or 36+ hard drives, If you are looking for power supply efficiency make sure to buy within your consumption rate.
Even with using 2x GPU's they would have to be 700 series or older. Or AMD. The 10 series is so efficient that my 1080 sli pulls like 500W from the wall. No reason to go above 850W IMO.
Eww, Thermalfake. I'm a little disappointed to see Massdrop doing business with such a slimy, dishonest company.
What are you going on about? They had a few cases that they copied but they still make some descent stuff.

Every company has their problems, TT is not the first and sure won't be the last. Especially in the niche world of pc building/customizing.
Heading is wrong, claims this is only gold plus but its really platinum, please update title or people will scroll past.

80plus platinum is a selling point use it.
Personally I just picked up a seasonic but these have a good rep for how new they are.
anyone know who made this psu?
There are really only 3 companies I trust, seasonic, superflower, and corsair and the last one is because most of their higher end designs are all seasonic ones.
Superflower is an oem and takes a lot of contract work especially for 1000watt+ psus so other companies can brand them as their own.

Im at least mildly interested in this.
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This is CWT which primarily makes Corsair's PSU's.
CWT actually makes PSU's for lots of companies. I am particularly fond of Seasonic and Delta, although I prefer the former for consumer power supplies (Delta seems to have more dud's to start, but when you have a good one they are good for decades, whereas Seasonic is just plain rock solid). I used to live in Taiwan and has some contact with Seasonic and Enermax, whereas I never dealt with CWT. What I think is strange is that Delta used to make PSU's for so many brands and now they do not appear to be making any. They still dominate on the server side it seems (at least where I roam).
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