TT Tower 900 E-ATX Full Tower Gaming Casesearch

TT Tower 900 E-ATX Full Tower Gaming Case

TT Tower 900 E-ATX Full Tower Gaming Case

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Is my the regular gaming pc unit fully convertible to this case? I mean do i need to buy anything other than this case to transfer to this case from my gaming unit?
Keep in mind this thing is 3 feet tall and designed for showing off more than anything. It's also something you assemble yourself, so you will not need anything, if you have a watercooled PC there are mods you can make depending on your specs.
Got mine. I like the look so dont need to worry about excessive cables showing up.. this will be awesome to to wait on that threadripper 2 and the 1180ti vid cards...Meanwhile..i'll be over here prostituting myself to make the insane cash that will all cost....
Hmmm, too much glass. The less of my "cable management" visible the better.
So this case should be one of the best if not the best option: all the cables stay in the back half of the case, as does the power supply, so you only see the pieces of cables coming from the grommets to the sockets.
This case is designed to be used for showing off PCs. You build it yourself, so you can build it around your cabling.
a 199.99 bucks. lol thats insane i can get it for 149.99 at the local canada computers in Canada
Are you sure it's the same case? This is the lowest this case has been being bought new. Used you might get it for the price you are seeing if you get lucky.
We need 2more buyers.
Any chance to request to declare low invoice when massdrop ship the item?
Anyone know if the built in fan controller is voltage or PWM?
The fan controller is just a display it is NOT included. I have a Tower 900 that doesn't come with it. It comes with two basic 140 fans, the case, and that's all.

Thanks for the info, i'll be skipping over this.
I love the design of this, just wish it came in a smaller form factor.
Yes! This is a fishtank. It's about three times the volume of my FitFenix mATX box.
Have posted this on the 900 page every time.. look at the MeanIt 5PM. Similar style case, good features, smaller footprint. This thing is freaking huge, to the point where it makes me consider just going full rack everything instead.
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That still isn't the same. The 4PM is a cube case like dozens of other cube cases. This case has separate chambers for radiators and hardware, a ton of room for custom watercooling, mounts for everything. I have a Tower 900. It is a HUGE case but does what it's designed to do very well. My dual custom watercooling loops fit with zero issue.
They're obviously not the same. In fact, if you reread my initial comment you will see the word " similar"

Happy massdropping! Heaven forbid you suggest a product on a consumer goods website ;-)
I would get it if it were the white version...
this is pretty nice! Is it designed to work specifically with thermal take reservoirs or are reservoirs, typically, a standard shape?