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TW Steel Canteen Automatic Watch

TW Steel Canteen Automatic Watch

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when will the next drop for this TW steel canteen auto watch?
Chain was a pain to adjust

Also this thing is massive but it's pretty great, couldn't resist going for the tacky gold one

Just got my CS25 and it’s perfect!
I can't seem to add the CS35. Please advise. Thank you.
Please add the CB105 or the CB106

Very very please
Massdrop: I can't select the CS35 option in the drop (brown leather, yellow dials). Are they available at all or did they sold out? Or is there any mistake in the selection page? Thanks for anwer.
Never joined a drop before, what happens if they don’t sell enough? Do they just send your money back to account?
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No, I think once you join, you'll get charged once the drop finishes and its yours. No matter how many are sold. If im not mistaken.
You are mistaken. Most drops have a minimum order quantity. The goal is to facilitate a group buy to allow the discount.
My only TW Steel experience: I got one on ToM; when it arrived, the second hand was so so erratic that sometimes it would advance two seconds at a time or even going back a second. TW Steel wouldn't cover it because it was not sold by an authorized dealer, so I sent it back to ToM for repair. ToM sent it on to the place they bought it from who finally returned it to me 3-4 months later untouched. Finally ToM just gave me my money back (as a store credit).

Lesson to learn: Know what warranty you get; and what recourse you'll have if it's not fixed under that warranty. I didn't find any the string "war" on the description page. $81
Also got the "smaller" one, this is how it looks on my tiny wrist. Ridiculous, I love it

Hi may I know what’s your wrist size?
For those wondering how it looks in-use (CS 35 model, the smaller one then)

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hi, it's 7 inches or 18cms , roughly
thanks! mine is around 6.5 inches so guess 45mm will be better choice because initially i'm thinking of the 50mm
I got a 45mm bracelet version during previous drop. Of course, it's big, but sits comfortable, especially if you prefer the right wrist, so the crown does not dig in.
Movement - a OK, hacking, with hand winding option, runs +10 sec a day or so. Very solid bracelet with screws. Lume is pretty weak. Mine came in a nice metal box. All and all, I like the watch and the deal.
$89 on Ebay ...
Same one pictured?
This is hideous.