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TW Steel Canteen Automatic Watch

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when will the next drop for this TW steel canteen auto watch?
Chain was a pain to adjust
Also this thing is massive but it's pretty great, couldn't resist going for the tacky gold one
Just got my CS25 and it’s perfect!
I can't seem to add the CS35. Please advise. Thank you.
Please add the CB105 or the CB106
Very very please
@Massdrop: I can't select the CS35 option in the drop (brown leather, yellow dials). Are they available at all or did they sold out? Or is there any mistake in the selection page? Thanks for anwer.
Never joined a drop before, what happens if they don’t sell enough? Do they just send your money back to account?
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No, I think once you join, you'll get charged once the drop finishes and its yours. No matter how many are sold. If im not mistaken.
You are mistaken. Most drops have a minimum order quantity. The goal is to facilitate a group buy to allow the discount.
My only TW Steel experience: I got one on ToM; when it arrived, the second hand was so so erratic that sometimes it would advance two seconds at a time or even going back a second. TW Steel wouldn't cover it because it was not sold by an authorized dealer, so I sent it back to ToM for repair. ToM sent it on to the place they bought it from who finally returned it to me 3-4 months later untouched. Finally ToM just gave me my money back (as a store credit).
Lesson to learn: Know what warranty you get; and what recourse you'll have if it's not fixed under that warranty. I didn't find any the string "war" on the description page.
Also got the "smaller" one, this is how it looks on my tiny wrist. Ridiculous, I love it
Hi may I know what’s your wrist size?
For those wondering how it looks in-use (CS 35 model, the smaller one then)

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hi, it's 7 inches or 18cms , roughly
thanks! mine is around 6.5 inches so guess 45mm will be better choice because initially i'm thinking of the 50mm
I got a 45mm bracelet version during previous drop. Of course, it's big, but sits comfortable, especially if you prefer the right wrist, so the crown does not dig in. Movement - a OK, hacking, with hand winding option, runs +10 sec a day or so. Very solid bracelet with screws. Lume is pretty weak. Mine came in a nice metal box. All and all, I like the watch and the deal.
Same one pictured?
This is hideous.
I have a 9" wrist. What is the total length of the band + case? Thnx
Just had to comment on your mammoth wrist. Damn, dude!
It's an outrageous watch. Since they also make a 50mm version this 45mm must be the "Petite" option. There's a couple offered on eBay for $89 but they don't specify the action used or if it's hacking & winding.
What an abomination of a watch. -_-
Got mine today, the CS26, 50mm. Great watch. The doctor said, this one or glasses.. However, inside is the Seiko NH35A, unlike the description. No problem, both are good movements, very happy!
Same in my case,also on seiko ;)
Got the CS25 (the main model featured). I dont think it's lumed. Any particular to dos to activate/trigger the lume?
EDIT: A quick google advised me to put it under direct light. I fired up my phone's torch and put it directly to the lumes and they're fired up now
I received mine a few days ago and, for the money, this is a remarkably good deal...if you can tolerate the somewhat silly, monstrously large crown ("canteen") cover, which I'm not too crazy about. You can tell the time with just a glance at the dial, which I can't say about too many of the watches I've owned.
I got the Seiko movement version, and so far it's keeping time at better than -2 seconds/day, which is about as accurate an automatic as I've ever had, including my Rolexes .
There's no lume that I can see, and while the leather strap is of good quality, it's thick and difficult to buckle on my 7.75-8 inch wrist. The second to last hole is the proper fit for me, but it's very difficult getting it through the hole and keeping both holders in place.
Nevertheless, for $99 this watch is great.
A Masterpiece, all right. Ridiculously affordable! Why should I spend monetary means in designer watches?
Cs5 how is the lume does it glow after being exposed to light ???
I did what another person suggested on my CS_5 that arrived today. Hit it with my phone flashlight and it is now very bright in the dark!!!!! Love it!!!
You can see how the it looks like in the dark
How does warranty work?
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I would say that it works very well, mine had a problem with the strap, which was supposed to be outside of warranty. Yet TW Steel send me a new one in a week or so.. The other thing is that there straps are very low quality- very nicely built with details and so on.. but leather quality is mediocre, it's very stiff. But they held their part of the deal, so thumbs up for TW :)
Thank you, got the watch a few months ago, no problems so far.
How long do the watch usually arrives in international locations?
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for this watch nope, but there's a certain threshold for products to be taxed if sent through govt postal service. shipping charge to PHI is around 6 usd.
Nearly a month to Poland.. but more than half of that time it was stuck in Warsaw ;)
Looking to get the CS15, off-white face, black hands/dials.
Question is: are those hands/dials lumed?
I have the exact same question for the same watch.
And there are TW Steel 45-mm ladies versions also:


The main photo shown with greenish glow lume is CS25 or CS35?
And is that lume or it is greenish in daylight? Personally I’d love that!
I recently watched a video on YouTube where they showed a large watch being made. It turnes out that they use tiny movements and make a plastic ring to fit around the movement to hold it in place inside the case. It looked so silly. I can't get that image out of my head. It's like a busty woman who you know has implants.
When a watch has an exhibition back and only the very center of the back is glass, then I guess the unseen part is the plastic retaining disk.
On the other hand, sometimes they really do use large (but not 50 mm) movements, like say the ETA 6497 pocket watch movement, inside big watches. The size makes for robustness, shock resistance, and easy servicability. You'd think that they'd be developing more big movements for this reason. You could throw in chronograph functions, for instance, much more cheaply, with so much more space to work with and no need for difficult miniaturization.
This has been an issue ever since big watches started making noise in the market 15 ~ 20 year ago. Unfortunately, developing new larger movements is an extremely expensive endeavor. Companies have been hesitant to do so b/c they weren't sure how long the trend towards bigger watches was going to last (and rightfully so). For 3H watches its not that big of a deal except for the calendar position. Where it gets really base is in chronographs. The subdials are all bunched up and look absurd.
Terrible size. Really wouldn't look tasteful on anyone.
I'm 6ft 5in I have a 9 inch wrist and it looks fine on me.
Photos or it didn't happen.