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Typewriter Patent Print

Typewriter Patent Print

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Get Inventive

Instead of following the hordes of sports poster subscribers or decorating your post-graduate room with collegiate leftovers, get inventive with a Typewriter Patent Drawing Print. Based on an original design from the US Patent Office, the poster perfectly captures the spirit of innovation. Whether you’re modern devotee of a classic machine, a copywriter that wants a reminder of your roots, or simply a fan of innovative design in general, the Typewriter Print adds a touch of inspiring elegance to your wall.

Typewriter Patent Print

Scraps to Caps

Things have come a long way since Thomas Oliver first started tinkering with a typing machine. After an original model consisting of strips of tin cans in 1891, Thomas Oliver created his patented "crude working model" type writing machine- now wtih 500 parts- by 1898. The Patent #599863 Type Writing Machine commemorates that accomplishment and milestone in the advancement of human communication, now available in an elegant reminder that you can hang right on your wall.

Typewriter Patent Print


  • Design from US Patent Office
  • 18 x 24 in (45.72 x 60.96 cm)


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