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U-Boat Classico Titanium U-72 Automatic Watch

U-Boat Classico Titanium U-72 Automatic Watch

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Oh boy, time does eventually erase all memory. Apparently, it doesn't take very long at all. It's now fashionable to wear jewelry based on a piece of Nazi German technology? Jewelry of all things, to be worn with pride? This is tacky and in very bad form. In fact, on a certain level, it's sick.
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WWII Nazi Germany can't be rationalized away like that and it has absolutely nothing to do with "Hollywood". It's about our wartime enemy torpedoing ships and killing thousands of our soldiers and civilians. If you're interested in the technology, that's understandable, but wearing a testament to it on your wrist as jewelry is wrong. Of course what's most unsettling is knowing that we have reached a point in time when young people aren't able to understand things like that anymore without having it explained to them. Dark times ahead..
I guess
I like it, but I think before buying it I'd order a $100 Invicta of the same size just to see how it wears on my wrist.
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Okay, I have to confess here that I was being completely flippant and really meant that I hold this particular watch and Invictas in the same regard as a strip of cardboard. However, since you bothered to type a serious response, it'd be remiss of me not to give you one too.

First, big watches in general.

You make a really good point about living in a bricks and mortar world where watch fads just aren't a thing, and nobody will recognize your watch unless it's a Casio or a Rolex Sub. I completely agree. Unless you run in very specific and rarefied circles, it doesn't make sense to get a nice watch in order for it to be admired by others. So people should just get watches that they admire. If you like big watches, you should get big watches.

That said, on a personal level there are a few things about big watches that bug me. First, I prefer to keep the wrist clutter down. This is purely personal preference. Second though, size doesn't always come with increased functionality (except legibility sometimes). If a smaller watch can achieve exactly the same thing, the smaller watch wins in my book because the bigger watch is just wasting space. Third and maybe most significantly, most big watches use movements that were intended to be cased much smaller, and this is obvious if you have a chrono and/or see-through caseback. With a chrono, the subdials are going to look squished together and not in proportion with the size of the watch. The effect is reminiscent of a fat guy with squinty eyes.

Next, this watch in particular.

As far as I'm aware, U-boat is primarily a fashion watch brand. Such brands have their own niche, but at the same time you don't expect to find them at these price points. There are no doubt people who would be happy to pay this amount for a fashion watch, and more power to them. But in this price range and for this aesthetic, one should at least consider brands like Damasko, Sinn or Muhle Glasshutte, which are actual German brands with proven tool watch chops. The latter actually makes watches for rescue divers, which is very cool.

Style is very much subjective and personal. Between two watches though, if one is from a brand with greater history, has a similar style but with greater functionality, yet can be had at the same price, there's a compelling argument that it's the better watch.
U-Boat originally sold quartz watches, then switched to Swiss mechanical movements, then added sapphire crystals and better finishing. At various points they had to make a decision about increasing production or quality and price, and in general they have gone with the latter. So I think they have moved from strictly a fashion watch to a more high quality watch (still obviously fashion in look though).

The watch sold here is from the first collection to use Swiss movements, but brought up to date a bit, such as the addition of sapphire.
Um, that's just an upside-down 7750 in there isn't it?
For anyone not really knowledgeable of the brand and wondering what to think, I think the following thread summarizes nicely (especially post #38) :

If you ever have occasion to board a military submarine, I suspect you could not choose a better watch to get the entire crew to instantly and intensely dislike you.

If it's a Bundesmarine vessel, your assigned cabin will probably be the nearest torpedo tube.

I don't see how this can be described as legible.
Agreed. The person who wrote that description is either a Class A bullshitter, or blind.
U-Boat is a brand and trend that died long ago. Anything over 45mm is just two big today.

These are probably new old stock that no one can unload. Stick with the Oris, Glycine and Hammys. This offer is a waste.
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I am not in to smart watches. I know very little about them (Apple watch?) so I'll take your word as fact on that subject.

To be more specific, for mechanical watches, this trend has passed, long as go. Try Baselworld.
Apple has less than 20% of the smart phone market share, and it continues to drop.
People don't use their watches.

If you look at most smart watches from Suunto, Garmin, LG, Samsung, etc, they're all 50+mm with few exceptions. Some even surpass 60-65mm.
Awesome looking watch aside from the Nazi connotations invoked by the word “U-Boat”. I’m not a submarine buff so perhaps the engineering of the U-Boat was something to marvel at the time. Still though...
53mm seems really big. I also wonder if there’s any lume, because it doesn’t appear that there is, which would make a watch with black hands on a black dial a little difficult to read when the lights are dim.
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