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UCO Grilliput Portable Grill XL

UCO Grilliput Portable Grill XL

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Received yesterday. Instruction's diagrams were hard to see orientation of objects but setup is simple once figured out (looking at the image helped me better than manual). Quality of materials seem nice, compact travel & heavy. Would like longer stand legs but will modify it myself if needed. Haven't cooked on yet.
This is a nice option for a grill that doesn't take up much space in your pack. The only complaint I would have is that it takes patience to setup since you have to assemble every individual grill rod every single time. After a few uses I lost my patience and stopped using it. I have since switched to the UCO Flatpack grill and much prefer that. Heavier, and takes up more space, but couldn't be simpler to set up.
Yeah, setup does really make a difference. What is the backpack you use with the UCO flatpack ?
I have an old Deuter Aircontact 65 and I tuck the flatpack in against the frame after I've loaded the pack with everything else.
I currently have two of these, and really like them. I use them primarily for Cub Scout Pack camping, but have used them backpacking as well. They are not light....stainless steel just isn't. But, I will say that they are durable, I find them easy to clean with a SOS pad, and you can adjust the height! The legs are aluminum, so if you set the grill in a hot bed of coals, then they can warp. I just bent them straight again after they cooled. One cool thing mentioned in the description: the rods in the center of the grill are spaced closer together so that hotdogs won't fall through. The rods on the outside are wider spaced, so I put my burgers there. I think these are a steal at $29.99!
Hi all ! I thought I could share on some practical experience. I have had the first version for many years now (early adopter). I used it a few times and here are the serious shortcomings I witnessed: -the stuff is heavy! -cleaning is a challenge to the most patient people -the setup takes a bit of practice annd even then it takes some time -on my version you couldn't change the height, which often made you wait for the perfect fire to put your grill on top -BY FAR THE WORST thing I experienced was that the steel rods were so thin that they would very easily bend and I couldn't put anything heavy on it like my water or a small prying pan, the rods would woble and often my water would flip over.
Earlier this year I changed my grill setup: I now use the wolf and grizzly grill. Cleaning is still not a pleasure but the problems regarding setup (there are onle TWO pieces! The grill rolls itslef like a sushi), height adjustment and heavy loads are no more (they put something like a beam under the grill, goes up to a few kilos, I personally didn’t try it with more than 5kg). Having some experience I would seriously suggest you check the wolf and grizzly.


Wishing you all the best outdoor grilling experience !
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I've seen these advertised and they look great and the compactness is a huge plus but at 3x the cost I'm just not sure I'm sold AND at 2.7 lbs for the kit. The website includes a ferro rod so I'm sure that adds some ounces but still.
That's the main reason why I recommend to wait for it to appear on Massdrop. Looking back I know now I will never use my UCO again and when I used it was more like a gadget: I could have cooked without it so it very quickly lost its appeal. The wolf and grizzly has this "essential and reliable tool" feeling that the complexity of the UCO has denied its own product (the grill presented here). Now I have the UCO seating somewhere, I say somewhere because in the vastness of the universe things have a tendency to get lost (very lost) rather than simply disappearing (I should probably gift it).
If I were you I would try to ask the following question : "Do I only want to have one? Or can I spend 30 now and eventually upgrade in the future?"
My very personal answer to that would be that if I could only have 1 I would go for the wolf and grizzly. Think that 10usd in that higher price tag represent a very good ferrorod. The setup is a real breeze, for that alone I wouldn't mind the price. But then again: the price for the UCO here is hard not to notice. I know how you feel: I have had similar experiences on this website. I tell myself that I am stronger than this and that I could save money for maybe one day achieving a higher plane of existence... but then again, it's hard to beat this Christmas feeling when you receive a Massdrop parcel ^^
On a side note: I like to eat dirty when doing bbq stuff. If you take the UCO be sure to have a waxed cotton bag for it, it will save your backpack (I thought I had cleaned mine the most I could but a long walk and a hot weather proved me mightily wrong). The wolf and grizzly has a bag included with the ferrorod as a handle so you won't forget to pack one.