Ultimate Ears 18 Pro Custom In-Ear Monitorssearch

Ultimate Ears 18 Pro Custom In-Ear Monitors

Ultimate Ears 18 Pro Custom In-Ear Monitors

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Custom Fit, Fast Shipping

If universal IEMs lose their seal and don't sit right, or if silicone and foam tips just aren't doing it for comfort, try custom Ultimate Ears. The UE18 Pro is molded exactly to your ear shape, offering the noise isolation and accurate presentation required by professionals and enjoyed by serious audio enthusiasts everywhere.

Ordering:  To customize your IEMs, first you'll need to visit an audiologist for ear impressions. Then, you’ll need to mail those impressions to the Ultimate Ears lab. Your impressions must be received by November 23rd, or the offer will be null and void. After the drop ends, Massdrop will email each purchaser the shipment address and a unique order ID number, which must be included with the impressions you send. This is a “Bring Your Own Impressions” party, which means you can’t go to one of Ultimate Ears’ dealers with a scanner. Check this preferred audiologist map to find one near you.

Shipping:  Orders are first come, first served, and the faster the impressions are sent, the faster you can expect to receive your IEMs. Ultimate Ears will provide free overnight shipping on all domestic orders. All international shipping will be done through Massdrop. Once impressions are received at the lab, your IEMs will be completed and shipped within 7 business days.

Ultimate Ears 18 Pro Custom In-Ear Monitors

The Ultimate for Your Ears

The UE18 Pro is the flagship of Ultimate Ears' custom in-ear monitor line. This award-winning product features six balanced armatures per ear (two high, two mid, two low) and four passive crossover points to direct sound with precision and control. The triple-bore sound channels are instrumental in creating seamless transitions from bass to mid to treble. All of this technology comes together in a cohesive sound signature that brings you closer to the music than you ever thought possible. Plus, the UE18 Pro provides -26 decibels of noise isolation, so you can hear all the detail and dynamics with a jet-black background.

Ultimate Ears 18 Pro Custom In-Ear Monitors
Ultimate Ears 18 Pro Custom In-Ear Monitors

Hot Acrylics

Digitally handcrafted and 3D-printed with 100% acrylic housing, the UE18 Pro is durable, lightweight, and effortlessly stylish. We believe that customization is an important aspect of CIEMs (heck, it's in the name!), so we're partnering with Ultimate Ears to bring our members all of the faceplate choices you'd have ordering from UE directly. Check out all of the options you have in the galleries below, and tailor your UE18 Pros to your unique style.

Ultimate Ears 18 Pro Custom In-Ear Monitors
Ultimate Ears 18 Pro Custom In-Ear Monitors
Ultimate Ears 18 Pro Custom In-Ear Monitors
Ultimate Ears 18 Pro Custom In-Ear Monitors
Ultimate Ears 18 Pro Custom In-Ear Monitors

Translucent Faceplates

Dark Purple
Dark Royal Blue
Deep Red
Electric Blue
Royal Blue
Ruby Red
Slate Gray

Opaque Faceplates

Fire Red
Mint Green
Pink Pearl
Triple F1 Blue

Specialty Materials (+ $100)

Carbon Fiber Faceplate
Holographic Green
Mirrored Faceplate (Silver)
Rose Gold
Titanium Faceplate

Designer Editions (+ $100)

Carpathiam Elm Burl w Logo
Cherry w Logo
Fine-Grained Satinwood
Purple Heart w Logo
Walnut Burl w Logo


  • Ultimate Ears
  • 100% acrylic housing
  • 6 proprietary balanced-armature drivers
  • 3 acoustically tuned sound channels
  • 4 passive crossover points
  • Input sensitivity: 115 dB at 1 kHz, 1mW
  • Frequency response: 5 Hz – 22 kHz
  • Noise isolation: -26 dB of ambient stage noise
  • Impedance: 21 ohm at 1 kHz


  • Massdrop 1-Year Limited Warranty
  • Engraved carrying case
  • iOS cable
  • Cleaning tool


Domestic orders will be shipped by the vendor and international orders will be shipped by Massdrop.

Estimated ship date is Dec 2, 2016 PT.

After the drop ends, payment will be collected and the group’s order will be submitted to the vendor up front, making all sales final. Check the discussion page for updates on your order.