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Ultimate Ears Reference Remastered Zebrawood CIEM

Ultimate Ears Reference Remastered Zebrawood CIEM

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UltimateEars HI Mike, are there any updates for the international order?
There is no update from UE/Massdrop, when I contacted with MD support, they replied me "ESTIMATED SHIP DATE Oct 3, 2017".
This drop is first come, first served, my ear impression already in UE database (I joined last drop of UE18Pro), so I dont think the shipping date is "ESTIMATED SHIP DATE Oct 3, 2017".
I have joined the drop of UE18pro, last time used around 1 month to get my UE18pro, and also I can received some updates thru UE.
But this time I got nothing within this period.
I just recieved mine in the mail from this drop from UPS. I wasnt expecting these back at all today. My Transaction was still saying "Impressions not recieved" . I was losing hope on this drop but you guys came through in clutch time!!!!! THNX
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I kept calling and bugging the people at UE to see if they recieved my impressions. They told me they think they had them and that they should be in production but they couldnt confirm if it was mine or the entire MD release. My MD transactions still says "No impressions recieved" there is some disconnect between MD and UE.
MD and UE are disconnected after drop ended.
I dont know where I can get my order status..........
So what should we do if we have impressions at UE from a previous drop or another order? The latest email didn't mention what we should do in that case.
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Any response from Massdrop or UE?

I thought this was going to be smoother since I have impressions at UE but no one seems to answer if I call the number emailed and Massdrop has been no help about this.
Massdrop replied me , they are "preparing an email with the instructions on submitting my order to UE", after that email, no other updates on my order.....I am not sure is my order is working on it or sth else........
Thank you MD / UE for pushing back the due date for ear impressions. Much appreciated!
Has anyone already received email with the shipment address and a unique order ID number from Massdrop?
Nope. I contacted support and got a reply saying they will look into it with product team. Waiting on new information.
Thanks a lot.
Just was it after it closed, what a shame. Can someone tell me the price?
Wow! That's impressive, gonna wait for it drops again.
What a great drop! I love my UERR. I have been listening to them quite a lot lately. :) Here's my review.
I do hope you guys run this one again in the future. Interested in testing out the CIEM at some point and these have very much caught my eye.

On vacation and back home in Beijing. Today I was lucky enough to have listened to a large number of universal pieces of the CIEMs at the Beijing Audiophile Exhibition, including that of the UERR. I would say that UE achieved a subtle balance on it, making it being reference yet pleasant to the ears as well. Considering it contains only 3 drivers per side, the UERR is indeed a masterpiece. However, as I may not be able to deliver the ear impressions on time, I'm afraid I have to let this drop go.
im sure we could make a small exception if we knew they were on the way. Hard to pass up the price for this. These Remasters have never been offered at this price. It's wonderful how massdrop model works to allow the community to purchase at a dealers cost.
Thanks for the nice and quick reply Mike! I'm still on the fence, but I'll definitely let you know if I join the drop and have my ear impressions on the way!