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Got mine yesterday, yay my custom tips from my old Super 5s fit! Great packaging and generous supply of tips/extras. Definitely lives up to their original pricing from that standpoint.

Here's my quick first impression:
Sound Q... is OK. I'll need to put a some hours on them and compare them to few of the IEMs & cans I have, give a go with a few tips, sources, and see if the other cable matters. Keep in mind I'm not intending on listening to anything beyond 320 MP3s on an iPhone 7+ with them so YMMV if you use better source material, amps, etc. I'll probably give them a go on my PC setup (onboard>optical>HK 6xx avr) just to see if a decent amp makes a difference, I recall the Supers responded well to some amping giving a small, but noticeable, improvement. I just don't plan on using them like that on a daily which is where I'm keeping more of my focus.

Right off the bat though I'm pretty darn sure these are NOT like my Supers which had a pretty flat, analytic, sound that I compared to AKG K701 at the time (~10yrs ago jeez!). They seem a little bright, not painfully, just a bit more emphasis on the upper range; sound stage is something I don't typically think about but in this case I noticed it feels like it's all right on top of me - it's a bit claustrophobic if that makes any sense. Like I don't need Mark Foster in my lap man, get back on stage. I'm not a big believer in break-in but hopefully these do a bit.

Just to give you an idea of where I'm coming from Grado SR-325i, Westone ADV1s, Koss Porta-Pros, and Apple buds are the most common I use. The Grados have my ideal sound signature but I did like my old Supers for the occasional analytic session.

I'll do my best to swing back with more thoughts once I've given them a fair shake.
got mine in May, used them with mike cable for about a month. no issues, decent sound for $175, but definitely not worth retail 399 price. Thought I might get some improvement with the non mike cable so tried to switch it out, but no sound from left IEM. Was worried that maybe I broke the IEM, so swapped in the miked cable and got left channel back.
So i have a bad cable. - figure no big deal , easy replacement under warranty.
Spent 45 min trying to explain to some foreign girl on tech support line. After emailing my rcpt, i was told they can either replace the entire system or I can get a 3.5mm housing replacement. Clearly makes no sense as the 3.5mm housing is molded in to the cable and not user replaceable. Had a similar issue with my Klipsch X10, and 5 m call with support and new replacement on their way. UE support really sucks.
Getting a short on left side. Lame.
I assume these are manufactured in China?
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Well, historically Germany produced some terrible world wars...
We can judge this way or judge the production quality by the individual company and factory.
Possibly the worst logical fallacy I've seen.
These or TFZ King pro
I just went to eBAY & found a $199 sale, "Make an offer" for NIB. I offered $165 & was accepted. I get mine tomorrow. I hate waiting! ;)
Got mine earlier today. I like the method for selecting ear pieces & I found a perfect fit. These IEMs sound great right out of the box. I'm driving them with an iBasso DX80 & I have no problem driving them to decent levels. I really like the bass they product & I didn't hear anything I didn't like about the sound. I will compare them to my Vsonic GR07 tomorrow, but I think I already like the UEs better. Yay!
Hmm, these use MMCX cables now? I have some SuperFi 5s that I loved but the shell broke and having them reshelled would cost as much as a nice new IEM. I have custom tips for the SF5, does anyone know if they are still using the same stem - it looks like it to me. If they are that's enough to push me over the edge.
Hey me! Yup, UE has not changed their sound tube design so old tips work just fine.
Worst build quality and quality control ever in IEMs history.
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Awful mmcx slots, not inproved at all after those shockingly bad in UE900. You have like 30-50% chance that one of them, left or right will be to tight or too lose. In first case changing a cable is a huge risk because you can not only leave the mmcx pin in the slot but also easily crush the earpiece trying to disconnect the cable. In second scenario when the mmcx slot is a bit to loose there is a great chance you're going to experience sound disruption , especially when moving your head around. Seriously schocking issues without any real solution.
Appreciate your perspective. I pretty much refuse to pay more than $100 for any hifi gear manufactured in China.
I have the Ultimate Ears TripleFi10. Is there a significant improvement on the sound performance warranting me buying another IEM for the only two ears I have?
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Thanks for the feedback I appreciate it. Saved myself $165. I'll keep using my TF10 until they die out.
Welcome~ I probably will get myself one just as replacement for the lost one :P while waiting my friend in Harman to get me the discount on the K3003i though.
What brand of balanced armature drivers are used in this?
Ah yes, iOS controls, for those new iPhones that have 3.5mm jacks. Nice UE
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Give Tim Cook a ring, you know, they removed 3.5mm socket from the phone.