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Ultimate Guard Double Sleeving Kit

Ultimate Guard Double Sleeving Kit

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Brave the Elements

The modern-day Magic: the Gathering game table is a gauntlet of fearsome dragons, powerful wizards, and threatening soft drinks. Any mage with a deck worth its salt knows that the proper equipment is required to protect those expensive spells from the dangers of greasy pizza fingers. The Ultimate Guard Double-Sleeving kit gives you everything you need to make sure your Moxen keep their shine and your artifacts don’t get bent out of shape.

Note: This kit includes one pack of 80 Petrol Matte Supreme Sleeves, one pack of 100 Precise Fit Resealable Sleeves, and one Black Deck‘n’Tray Case. If you need enough sleeves to protect an entire Commander deck, you can add an additional pack of Supreme Sleeves at check-out.

Ultimate Guard Double Sleeving Kit

Imperial Seal

The new Precise Fit Resealable Sleeves improve upon the preferred method of double sleeving with a new level of protection via the additional flap that encloses your precious cardboard in a tight-fitting sleeve. Once placed in a Supreme Sleeve, your spells are unlikely to be damaged in even the most challenging environments. For instant access, each sleeve has a strip of adhesive on the flap that can be easily opened and resealed.

Ultimate Guard Double Sleeving KitUltimate Guard Double Sleeving Kit

Sorcerer’s Strongbox

The Ultimate Guard Deck’n’Tray Case is specifically designed to fit up to 100 double-sleeved cards. These acid-free deck cases are lightweight and feature a securely stowed tray to hold your dice. Both sides of the case are equipped with self-locking lids that won’t pop open as you transport your carefully crafted Standard or Commander deck.

Ultimate Guard Double Sleeving Kit

Precise Fit Sleeve Test


  • Ultimate Guard
  • Acid Free, No PVC
  • Deck Case fits 100 double-sleeved cards or 120 single-sleeved cards


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