Ultimate Guard Play-Mat (2-Pack)search

Ultimate Guard Play-Mat (2-Pack)

Ultimate Guard Play-Mat (2-Pack)

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Surface Matters

When you’re playing in foreign lands, the easiest way to safeguard your cards and establish home court advantage is to lay down an Ultimate Guard Play-Mat (TM). Constructed with 2 mm of high quality, cushioned fabric and an anti-slip backside, you get the perfect plush surface for rolling dice along with the assurance that no matter how hard you roll, your mat isn’t going anywhere. The best way to defeat spills and other sticky spells, the Ultimate Guard Play-Mat (TM) keeps your sorceries safe from the perils of the real world.

Note: At check-out, you have your choice of color between Black, White, Royal Blue, Red, Light Green, Turquoise, Pink, and UG Logo Black.

Ultimate Guard Play-Mat (2-Pack)



  • Ultimate Guard (R)
  • High quality cushioned fabric
  • Anti-slip backside
  • Thickness: 2 mm
  • 24.02 x 13.78 in (61 x 35 cm)


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