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Ultimate Guard Side-Loading Sleeving Kit

Ultimate Guard Side-Loading Sleeving Kit

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Brave the Elements

The modern-day Magic: the Gathering game table is a gauntlet of fearsome dragons, powerful wizards and threatening soft drinks. Any mage with a deck worth it’s salt knows that the proper equipment is required to protect those expensive spells from the dangers of greasy pizza fingers. The Ultimate Guard Side-Loading Sleeving kit gives you everything you need to make sure your creature cards keep their shine and your artifacts don’t get bent out of shape.

Note: This kit includes 3 packs of top-loading Matte Supreme Sleeves(80ct) and 2 packs of Side Loading Precise Fits(100ct) totaling to 240 Matte Supreme sleeves and 200 Side-Loading Precise Fits, enough to double-sleeve 3 standard decks or 2 commander decks. At check out, you can choose between 11 different colors for each of the 3 packs of Matte Supreme Sleeves.

Ultimate Guard Side-Loading Sleeving Kit
Ultimate Guard Side-Loading Sleeving Kit
Ultimate Guard Side-Loading Sleeving Kit

Imperial Seal

The new Side-Loading Precise Fit Sleeves improve on the preferred method of double-sleeving with a new level of protection; once your deck is fully sleeved, there will be a protective layer on all four sides of each card. To make these even better, your Precise Fits wont be sliding off your card as you put it in the Supreme Sleeves, making this the most desirable way to double-sleeve.


  • 3x Ultimate Guard Supreme Matte Sleeves(80ct)
  • 2x Ultimate Guard Side-Loading Precise Fits(100ct)


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They definitely would not protect against spillage like before(which is the holy grail of reasons to sleeve, it only needs to happen once), but even more in my opinion I think double sleeving in a side-loader is literally just wasting time and money. With traditional reversed top-bottom double sleeving contaminates need to travels the entire length of the card through the sleeve, then going around the edge and back the other way to get to into the other sleeve. From what I've seen almost all contaminates get stuck at the bottom of the first sleeve in the seal of the sleeve. Now with the side-loaders the distance that the dust has to travel is essentially nothing, the two entrances would be within mm of each other. And what do you gain anyway? The inner sleeve doesn't slide off when you attempt to insert it into your main sleeve? That mainly happens between the KMC Perfect Size and Dragonshield/Ultrapro. I've been double sleeve(ing) with KMC Perfect Size and KMC Hyper Mattes(and before that Mattes) for years and 1 MAYBE 2 out of every 100 has that problem, they're made to fit each others dimensions, so it shouldn't surprise you that the fit may not be quite right when trying to sleeve with 2 brands, and if you're using dragonshields then you should know that they're notorious for being different sizes even within the same color. I recommend doublesleeving with KMC only and avoiding these sideloaders until someone really puts them to the test. I personally am not willing to try this.

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