Ultra Power 240AC Plus Quad Port Multi-Chargersearch

Ultra Power 240AC Plus Quad Port Multi-Charger

Ultra Power 240AC Plus Quad Port Multi-Charger

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Hi David. You're right in that iChargers are great chargers. This Ultra Power 240AC Plus offer a lot of great programming features, great power output, 4 charging ports, and a built-in power supply. iChargers tend to be much more expensive and require an external power supply. Albeit, they are nice chargers :-)
Massdrop, we really deserve some sort of explanation on the shipping date for this drop. We're 3 business days plus the weekend past your given date, an update would be nice.
received mine today fyi
Any update on the items being shipped?
I was wondering the same thing.
received mine today.
I've bought a few RC's and batteries in anticipation for this thing, can't wait lol.
I am interested. but any one knows of any existing users or are personally using and having issues like this ? https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?2649422-Ultra-Power-UP240AC-Plus-issues

Hope what he had was just a one-off faulty unit ..
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hey airjordan, i won't be joining this drop. I am eyeing instead on this http://www.skyrc.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=236.

if you don't need 4 ports, this one has 2 and can handle up to a whopping 400w on a single channel. if you charge 2 at one go, 400w is shared between port 1 and 2.
I'm not a charger programmer, so here are my guesses.
1) It sounds like the charger may be faulty and in need of warranty / repair. We use this charger as well as other ultra power chargers around our shop and don't encounter this issue with good, functional batteries.
2) I believe that most chargers don't 'balance discharge'. So when discharging, they may read the main voltage only. The voltage readings on the entire pack were 9.09V when he was done discharging. So under this theory, the charger simply discharged the battery from the Main Positive and Negative lead, just like your ESC would, and the battery discharged more quickly on cells 2 and 3. This could indicate that those cells are weaker than cell 1, therefore discharging faster.
Both are my guesses. I don't know for sure :-/
Fingers crossed we get to the lowest drop point. I'm just getting back into RC's and decided electric is the way to go this time so hopefully this charger lasts.
Good charger to invest in, I have seen nothing but great reviews, not to mention we have a great warranty through massdrop.
Good to hear
Y'all are a bunch of dorks u know it's a cheap charger u wanna save money so buy it if you want quality then you gotta pay higher prices and if u knew anything about electronics the plugs wouldn't matter just make your own
If you want to risk buying from a company that will provide no support and no warranty for you after the sale, take the risk. The charger listed on eBay for that price probably also does not include the correct power cord or any charging cables and accessories. This will cause the final price to be much higher than the price here once you obtain all those things.
Glad to see you're active in the discussion, your pre-purchase customer service convinced me to join this drop.
Great, glad to hear :-) You'll enjoy this charger for sure.
ebay have it cheaper
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you mean this item or the item on ebay?
Massdrop's image is correct. Red/+. Black/-.  The eBay image has red/- and Black/+. That being said, I saw 2-3 RC sites which used the same wrong image the eBay seller is using.