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Worst drop I've seen in a while
I'm not surprised that no-one has sprung for these at the ridiculous prices Ultrasone charges for pretty average 'phones. I've owned the Ed10 before, which is a lousy headphone at any price. I've also owned the Ed8 and Ed5 Unlimited, both of which I thought were OK if compared to mid-tier products, but do not compete at all with top flight 'phones. I also don't know why Ultrasone persists with the MMCX connectors, which are prone to failure. Oh, and their prices for accessories (e.g. pads) are faintly absurd.
What u guys think, this or beats by dre?
You must be joking :D
please get the Signature series massdrop (at a respectable price), and I really think people would buy some. They are solid headphones. One of the only universally successful, non-polarizing Ultrasone products. The Ultrasone Signature DJ, Signature Pro, and the new Signature Studio. I'm sure those would have buyers unlike this mess.
I own Edition 8 Palladium ver.

Well, sound is not HiFi style. REALLY MyFi Style which boosted treble a lot. Remember this.

It is your freedom to buy this or not, but I'd rather buy Signature series than this housing swapping toy. If you just want to boast your fortune, then go ahead.

Do driver R&D , Ultrasone, rather than playing with expensive rare materials.

Ah, one more. They attach pads with weak tape. Absolutely ridiculous.

For the same retail price, you can buy HD800S or MrSpeakers Ether Flow.
i think I'd rather buy the datamancer sojourner keyboard, and a watch
do you guys think if it is a good idea to sell my only remaining kidney to buy this?
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Absolutely not.
I honestly think this could work out. Assuming you don't mind being hooked up to a dialysis machine all the time.
umm... 1200 bucks for that ugly headphone? Umm no. For this price get an HD800.
Those Senns are pretty Butt Ugly too
I'd get a "ugly" headphone(800S) which is way more comfortable and sounds much better than this idiotic, horrible sounding but beautiful headphone...
This shit is wild
Yeah. Like anyone is is going to spend $2200 on the 10s.
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Not a very good one for that price.
Good enough to drive for a few years. You can buy decend cars for 2.200 these days
The Edition 8 Julia that i have sounds beautiful! Excellent soundstage, very nice sparkle and much clarity. Not harsh or boomy at all. I'm very happy with them and enjoy them a lot!
I bought those second hand on ebay for around 450 euro. The mmcx connection isn't so good sometimes, but they're better sounding than my other headphones (Sennheiser HD650, Fostex Purpleheart, B&W P7 & B&O H6). But they needed some weeks burn in time though (they weren't used by the previous user for a long time) before they sounded so good. So they probably require some patience.
I do think they're overpriced though. And the Trinity Master IEMs come close to the sound from the Ultrasone Edition 8 but they're much cheaper.
If the Edition 8 Julia was priced at 300-350$ then it could maybe compete with the mid-fi headphones. At over 1400$ it's just a pure scam. It doesn't sound THAT great, but that's subjective I guess...
Let's not get carried away here and meet Ultrasone's insanity with anti-Ultrasone insanity of your own. There's no way the ED8's sound and feel the same as $300 headphones. Not even close.

Over $1,000 is pretty much outlandish for this product since it's so incredibly saturated on the open market where pristine condition used ones go for between $500-$700. If found for that price, they are a real deal. They sound pretty dang good, but 1.2k is definitely a rip off. Saying these things can "maybe compete with mid-fi" offerings makes you as laughable as Ultrasone's pricing department.