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Uncommon Carry Metal Rubber Band Shooters

Uncommon Carry Metal Rubber Band Shooters

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I am very unhappy with the fit and finish of the one I got. It is bent in a few places and there is wear like it was used and returned. The finish is a painted metal, not the polished finished like in the pictures.
Perfect way to get shot
Which is which? The description says the folding one shoots 12 (Reloaded), but the larger one shoots six (Resolve). However, the photos are labeled with the folding one as the Resolve and the non-folding one as Reloaded. Plus, it would make sense that the larger one could hold more rubber bands. Will commit when this is clarified.
Hi Como,

The Reloaded shoots 6 and the heftier Resolve shoots 12, we have updated our copy!

Boy, make sure you never encounter law enforcement with this device in your hand. 😬😯🔫
Shouldn't be a problem unless you leave it in your hand during the encounter.
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