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uNu Aero Wireless iPhone Charging System

uNu Aero Wireless iPhone Charging System

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Stop iPhoning It In

You love your iPhone 5/5s, but there’s a few tweaks to the design that would send function straight up to the stratosphere. While we can’t help you modify it into a stun gun, we can offer a case and charging mat that more than double your battery life and ensure that you’ll never have to plug in again. With the uNu iPhone Wireless Charging System, staying energized has never been easier.

uNu Aero Wireless iPhone Charging System

Take the Case

The first step is applying the Aero battery case to your iPhone, a cover that is as much protective as performance enhancing. While the enforced corners, sturdy backing, and raised lip protect your phone from harm, they leave all of the buttons in the open so you don’t have to wrangle with the case to take a call. More importantly than all that, however, the battery case improves your average battery life from eight hours to 20 hours, giving you enough juice to get through even the most energy draining days.

uNu Aero Wireless iPhone Charging System

Cut the Cord

That might be enough to sell you on its own, but we’re not done yet. Instead of fumbling with a cord every time you need a charge, simply plug the Aero charging mat into a wall, place your iPhone on top, and let magic do the rest. With a slight magnetic pull to keep everything secure, the charging mat gets your phone back to full capacity in about four to five hours. An elegant system that protects your iPhone, gives you extra power, and removes cord calamities from your daily life, the uNu Aero Wireless Charging Battery Case is one of the first iPhone accessories that should be integrated into future models.

uNu Aero Wireless iPhone Charging SystemuNu Aero Wireless iPhone Charging System


  • uNu
  • Compatible with iPhone 5 and later

Aero Battery Case

  • Li-Polymer battery
  • Capacity: 3.7 V / 2000 mAh
  • Micro input: DC 5 V / 2 A (max)
  • Wireless input: 5 V / 2 A (max)
  • Input interface: MicroUSB
  • Charging time: 4 to 5 hours
  • 5.43 x 2.51 x 0.60 in (138 x 63.8 x 15.3 mm)
  • 2.48 oz (70.2 g)

Aero Charging Pad

  • Input: DC 5 V / 2 A (max)
  • Output: DC 5 V / 1 A (max)
  • Input interface: MicroUSB
  • 4.92 x 2.83 x 0.28 in (125 x 72 x 7 mm)
  • 3.88 oz (110 g)


  • 1 Aero Battery Case
  • 1 Aero Charging Pad
  • 1 uNu Micro USB to Standard USB Cable
  • Operation manual


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