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Valdani Wool Thread Collection

Valdani Wool Thread Collection

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12 Bright Virgin Wool Skeins

Great for crewelwork, wool applique, and embroidery, this thread collection by Valdani consists of 12 colors. Measuring 10 yards, each skein is made of 100% Australian virgin wool. Known for its warmth and durability, Australian virgin wool is also famous for its softness, as it comes from the first shearing of a lamb. It’s colorfast and available in two sizes: Size 15 (fine) or Size 8 (medium).

Note: On this drop, you’ll receive 12 skeins of wool thread, each one measuring 10 yards. At checkout, choose Size 15 (fine weight) or Size 8 (medium weight).

Valdani Wool Thread Collection


Royal Red (W8), Pink Reds (W2), Loving Reds (W18), Sweet Orange (W17), Sunny Yellows (W14), Neon Limes (W15), Sunny Algea (W9), Bright Turquoises (W23), Ocean Blue (W12), Electric Blue (W3), Clematis Purples (W22), Cobalt Blue (W19).

Size 15

Valdani Wool Thread Collection

Size 8

Valdani Wool Thread Collection

Additional Images

Left: Size 15; Right: Size 8
Size 15
Size 8


  • Valdani
  • 100% Australian virgin wool
  • Colorfast
  • 10 colors
  • Each skein measures 10 yds (9.1 m)
  • Size 15 or size 8


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Estimated ship date is Jan 14, 2016 PT.

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